Cinematographer Adrian Popescu to Shoot Double Vision

Director of Photography Adrian Popescu on the set of Abandoned Photo Jason Paluck

Writer-Director-Producer Terry Wickham is exhilarated to announce Abandoned/Gruesome Threesome Director of Photography Adrian Popescu will be photographing his upcoming love story-suspense film Double Vision.

Director Terry R. Wickham and DP Adrian Popescu on the set of Abandoned
The filmmaker says, “Adrian and I have developed  tremendous chemistry working together. We definitely see the same things and the key to our relationship is our communication.
Popescu and Wickham on the set of Abandoned
When a director works with a cinematographer it’s crucial that they can talk to each other in ways that they both understand. Believe it or not, this is not always a given.  The fact that this will be my fourth consecutive project with Adrian attests to the film language we share,  as well as our mutual respect for one another.
Adrian Popescu sets up a shot on “Sarah Peters” (played by Chanise Renae) in Gruesome Threesome
We have high ambition to make our pictures as cinematic as possible without disturbing the story and taking the the audience out of the film.
Director or Photography Popescu was a master of light on Abandoned
What’s really great about the way Adrian works is his preparation. He always takes the time to prepare by watching movies I give as references, we go over all the shots in the shooting script and visit locations in advance to pre-visualize how best to utilize the scenery.
Wickham is hoping to capture some of the brilliant look of Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat
In the case of Double Vision, I have told Adrian to watch Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat and the late Wes Craven’s 1996 blockbuster Scream.
Wickham considers Scream the best looking film of the late Wes Craven’s career and is part of the inspiration for Double Vision
I never visually approach one of my films the same way twice and I like to try to spread my wings as a filmmaker .
Adrian Popescu on the set of Abandoned with 1st AC Giorgio Savona
With Adrian, we strive to up the ante in terms of trying to do things with the camera, lenses, movement, framing and lighting.  Our common goal is to heighten and broaden not only the production values, but to capture as much dramatic tension and suspense as we can.
In this screengrab from Abandoned, DP Popescu illuminates the terror waiting for “Billie” (played by Siakie Tetteh) inside this ghoulish room
Besides the actors, the Cinematographer, Editor, Composer and Sound Designer are the four most important partners a filmmaker works with.  They are the ones who play the biggest role on how a film looks and sounds.
With Adrian I am extremely lucky.  He’s a Cinematographer who learned how to shoot on 35mm film in Romania.  He’s transferred his skillful knowledge together his working experience into the stunning 4k HD images that have been the films we’ve done together.
A screengrab from Abandoned shows the unforgettable imagery Popescu was able to capture
Abandoned has received lots of praise for it’s striking cinematography.  When we made that film he couldn’t use any traditional lighting because of the location and it’s prohibitive restrictions (no electricity and generators were out of the question).  But if you look at the film, you can’t help but be awed by the way it stands out on the screen.
Popescu lines up another remarkable shot in Abandoned
I believe we are each bring something special that when combined together is cinemagic.  I am a extremely visual director who has a strong vision.  I see my films beforehand and can relay what I see into words on the page and what I share with Adrian.
Adrian Popescu photographs the stylish visual look of Abandoned
He then carries out getting it captured for the screen.  So far it’s been an amazing film partnership that is only sure to get better on Double Vision.”