Documentary Team Assembled to capture Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has hired Nicholas Girimonte of NPG Films to assemble a crew to document Devil’s Five upcoming Red Carpet World Premiere.

Nick Girimonte of NPG Films

Wickham says, “It’s going to be such a momentous, unforgettable night for all those involved, I want it captured by someone I could trust to get it right.  I was very impressed by Nick’s enthusiasm and work ethic on a trailer I directed back in January and he worked on Gruesome Threesome as well.  So it was natural to call on him.

Nick has handpicked his team and I told him to not only shot HD video footage, but take still photos, conduct interviews cast & crew, talk to audience members before and after Devil’s Five World Premiere and the Q&A Session with filmmakers that follows the movie’s showing.  Plus they can even record the celebratory fun of the After Party at Runyons.


We have cast & crew members like “The Devil’s Five” stars Diana Noris &  Kevin Cusick, “The Devil’s Five” actress/metal queen Veronica Freeman, “Abandoned” star Siakie Tetteh,  “Stash” Stars Almog Pail & Jonathan Weirich,  “Stash“/”The Devil’s Five“/”Choke” actors Richard Kern & Jesse Ray Sheps, “Stash” Actress Tina Surabian and “Stash” Music Composer/world renowned guitarist Geoff Tyson, coming to represent the film from all over the world, so it’s important we chronicle the event.


I will absolutely make sure that this documentary is part of the film’s Blu-ray/DVD Special Features.  So not only will this be cherished by the people who made the movies & ticket buyers who attend the special event, but for future fans as well.

I have given Nick parameters I hope they cover, but I’m leaving him space to be as creative as he wants.  I expressed that on this night I’m going to be way too busy with the festivities to think about what they are doing.

In truth, I’ve worked too hard & too long on this feature film and just want to enjoy the wondrous evening.  So Nick’s fully in charge of the documentary and I believe he’s going all out.  I even love his idea of even having a Drone on site to capture the audience members walking into the theater.  How cool is that.”

Nick’s team includes:

Nick Girimonte – Camera Operator/Editor


Sal Peretti of Chaotic Matters
Sal Peretti – Chaotic Matters
Camera Operator
Isaac Wong
Camera Operator
Deddrick Raymond
Camera Operator
Daniel Pomboyno
Drone Operator