Red Carpet Premiere of Devil’s Five in October

The time is finally arriving soon for us to hold the World Red Carpet Premiere of the feature film DEVIL’S FIVE.  It’s been nearly 4 years in the making since the idea was first proposed to me in the fall of 2013.

My Devil’s Five partners and I are looking to hold the Red Carpet Premiere of DEVIL’S FIVE sometime in October (no better month to debut a horror film).

We are looking for suggestions (especially if you have any relationships with theater owners) so that we can determine what would work best for us.

One free ticket will be given to all of those who were in the cast & crew of the five films.  Everyone else will have to pay for their ticket ($15 price per ticket has been estimated).

Many of you must be wondering how good DEVIL’S FIVE is.  There’s no doubt that we have five distinct movies that each bring their own unique quality that together makes for a diverse experience.  I’m personally thrilled they are not all the same and that’s without question one of DEVIL’S FIVE strengths.

Please contact me if you know if any possible theater in Long Island, New York City or even New Jersey.  Money and theater location will ultimately be factors in where we choose to do this, but we want to hear all ideas.