Regina Tune Make-Up Artist for one Enhanced Interrogation shooting weekend 

Director Terry R. Wickham is proud to announce that Make-Up Artist Regina Tune will be handling the second shooting weekend for Enhanced Interrogation.  She actually wanted to do the whole film, but her schedule is taking her out of the country.

Wickham says, “If you look back at the peak years of the best filmmakers on an independent level, their best years are when they were surrounded by behind-the-scenes talent that worked together many times.  Take George A. Romero.  Has he ever been better than when he had all those talented folks working with him in Pittsburgh?  I think that answer is very obvious.  Or John Carpenter, has he ever been better than when he had that nucleus that created the films with him from 1978 until 1986.  I hate to say it, but the proof is in the films.

For the trailer for Whatever It Takes, Regina Tune applies make-up to actress Megan Penn

So having Regina return to perform her artistry after we have done three consecutive films (Abandoned, trailer for Whatever It Takes and Gruesome Threesome) is really special for me.  At this point we have a ton of respect for each other and I trust her completely.

For Gruesome Threesome, Regina Tune applies makeup to actress Linda Collins

Regina is not only a talented make-up artist but a beautiful person.  She cares enough to help support my films.  I want to return the favor by providing opportunities for her work to shine and for her to be surrounded by people that make it a memorable, fun experience.

I believe there is not only a chemistry, but a synergy to working with the same crew.  It’s a collective effort by excellent people striving for the same purpose.  I’ve have been fortunate to have some really good folks over the past three years that have helped bring that to the productions I’ve been in charge of.  I feel very lucky and can’t wait to get on set with Regina again and make another film we both will be proud of.”

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