Sarah Lynn Dewey to play “Marsha” in Enhanced Interrogation

Philadelphia based actress Sarah Lynn Dewey has been cast to play “Marsha” in the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.
Director Terry R. Wickham says, “Producer/Writer Stephen Martino forwarded me her reel and right away I liked her.  The reason was simple.  She was likable, which is essential for this mother-character.
Then I auditioned Sarah and felt the she projected a warmth and nurturing quality that any real mother has.  Plus she has a fresh face and a softness not only fitting for the character, but I believe our movie needs as well.”
Sarah Lynn Dewey has been active in the Philadelphia film scene for over a decade. Favorite projects include Bits and Pieces, Sex Love Revenge, and Crooked Necktie. She was featured on Urban Trinity: the Story of Catholic Philadelphia, which aired in conjunction with Pope Francis’ visit.
She has also appeared on Deadly Affairs and Nightmare Next Door both on the ID Channel. Visitors to the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown may recognize Sarah as having portrayed Sarah Orborn Benjamin in The Siege of Yorktown.
She has also appeared in numerous commercials and theatrical productions.