Ian Biesinger 1st Assistant Camera for Enhanced Interrogation

Director Terry R. Wickham is happy to announce Ian Biesinger will be serving as 1st Assistant Camera on the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Wickham says, “Director of Photography Adrian Popescu and I know first hand how hard Ian works as he served as an AC for Adrian on a trailer we did earlier this year. Every Time I’d look over to Ian, he was busting his butt on that shoot and I never forget those types of things.

When it came time to think of ACs needed for this upcoming film, Ian was the first person I thought of.  Adrian remembered his skills and work ethic and agreed, which was important since Ian will be working under him.

But it’s not just hard work that got Ian this job.  Ian is a cinematopher himself, so he has the technical skills needed to pull focus, change Prime lenses, operate slate, assist with lighting setups and other matters related to the camera.

I’m really looking forward to being on set again.  Ian will be the 1st AC on three of our four shooting weekends. ”

Ian Biesinger operating the slate during a shoot earlier this year, which was shot by Adrian Popescu and Directed by Terry R. Wickham

Bio: Ian-Josef Benhardt is a recent graduate from Five Towns College. He has been working on non-union sets as a 1st AC since his sophomore year. Ian has had master classes from Sol Negrin and has been personally mentored by Charles Schner, Steve Huber, and Anthony Savini. Ian has won over 12 awards for his films and cinematography in film festivals. One day, Ian hopes to pursue a bright career as a DP and camera operator.

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