Julia Maggiola cast as FBI Agent 2 in Enhanced Interrogation

Actress Julia Maggiola has been selected to play “FBI Agent 2” in the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Director Terry R. Wickham explains, “Producer/Writer Stephen Martino and Producer/Writer Daryl Brooks were open to choosing a male or female for this role.  So I scheduled auditions with both.

As I was listening to actors and actresses speak in the auditions, it became apparent to me that some of the lines worked infinitely better coming from a lady.  One set of lines in particular were actually humorous coming from a woman versus a man and the movie needed a tiny hint of humor to help achieve a broader emotional spectrum.

What I really liked about Julia was how clear her voice is and her subtle dynamic range.  Plus she had the least trouble pronouncing the long alphabetical terrorist names.  She came across as super intelligent, which  given the amount of information the character conveys was key.

Plus there is not one other blonde actor in the entire movie.  Julia’s look will bring nice contrast against what I like to call human landscape.  What I mean by that is, as a film director I analyze all sizes, shapes, hair color and skin color of who I cast.  I  always make an effort to make my films as visually diverse and interesting as possible to reflect our real world.”

Originally from Connecticut, Julia Maggiola has lived, studied, and performed in New York City, Florence, Italy, and Los Angeles. She graduated from New York University with Magna Cum Laude honors, and since has been an active performer. Julia is excited to be a part of Enhanced Interrogation!
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