The Devil’s Five actor Kevin Cusick will play “FBI Director Andrew” in the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Film Director Terry R. Wickham explains his reason for casting the New York City based actor, “After reading the screenplay for Enhanced Interrogation, Kevin was absolutely the first actor I thought of for the film.  The high ranking governmental official roles required getting actors with considerable life experience, intelligence and acting ability.

Actor Kevin Cusick rehearses one of the Interrogation scenes in The Devil’s Five with actor Ralf Scheepers. Director Terry R. Wickham stands in the distance observing in Riverhead, NY on 9/18/15.

Kevin brought all those same qualities to The Devil’s Five as “Detective Armitage.”  Without question he’s one of the best actors I’ve worked with in the 30 years I’ve been directing.  I felt that Kevin could anchor Enhanced Interrogation with his performing skills and professional dedication.

So I passed the script onto Kevin and gave him the choice of playing any of the characters in the film.  Kevin choose” FBI Director Andrew.”

Kevin has already begun his thorough preparation to play the character and we are in deep discussion about how we can to make the movie the best it can be before filming begins.”

To learn more of Kevin’s work, check out his page on IMDB