Megan Penn to Play “Sarah” in Whatever It Takes

Los Angeles/New York Actress Megan Penn will be playing “Sarah” in the upcoming trailer Whatever It Takes.

Director Terry R. Wickham says, “When I visualized the scene we are doing for the trailer, I felt there was a missing ingredient.  I sensed there should be a pretty woman mixed within the church scene to satisfy that part of the eventual watching audience.

I knew that not only should she be beautiful and sexy, but provide an innocence and softness the movie needs for balance.  Sort of a bright light mixed amongst the darkness of the situation and different moral characters.

I told this to Producer/Co-Writer/Actor/Creator Rocco Gioia.  I voiced that it would be smart if this female part became an integral supporting role within the feature film, because this would be unexpected and Rocco agreed.  I honestly looked at this part as sort of the Amy Brenneman “Eady” role in Michael Mann’s Heat, which is one of my favorite movies.

Rocco suggested we cast the actress that played my “date” in Edwin Figueroa’s Choke movie.  I couldn’t argue with that, so I called her.

Megan was immediately interested in playing the part and went as far as getting herself back to the East Coast from Los Angeles to be able to film the Trailer Saturday January 21st.  This shows incredible commitment & dedication on her part to the project.  I’m truly looking forward to working with her again, this time as her director.”


Megan Penn is a Los Angeles Woman with New York blood. She was born in Long Island, New York and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles County. Miss Penn trained in a conservatory program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, privately with Yale trained Gregory Berger Sobeck and at The Actors Collective with Bo Jesse Christopher. Feeling frustrated with the depth and complexity of female roles, she redirected her focus behind the camera, which led Megan to direct, write and star in her first short film Amenonamnia, a silent film about a woman who lives in her mirage-filled mind.  While well trained, but new to the Hollywood scene, old Hollywood glamour runs through Miss Penn’s veins. She is the distant great niece of Academy Award winner Anne Bancroft, who remains her greatest inspiration. Both actors are Strasberg alumni. Fiercely independent, Penn plans to be the kind of woman both in front  of and behind the camera. She will soon be featured in the upcoming notable art book ‘100 Women’ shot by fellow female filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen.