Andrew Miles “ClubbyThingy” song licensed for “The Devil’s Five”

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has reached an agreement with Andrew Miles to license his song “ClubbyThingy” for The Devil’s Five segment.

Wickham says, “I first heard Andrew Miles music when I reviewed his DeeperNET One album in 2013.   He’s got this way of creating amazing beats to go along with his electronica that is fun, exciting and just totally refreshing.

We worked together in 2015 when Andrew licensed one of his tracks for the Super Punch and Kick Target Informercial.

When it came time to have a song playing from the radio of one of the young ladies car in The Devil’s Five, I knew I had to reach out to Andrew because he’s a master of that kind of sound.   He had this track available, which was perfect for the movie.  I’m so excited that he could be part of the film.”

Read Andrew’s Bio to discover more about the talented musician:

Andrew Miles’ fascination with music and sound began when he was just ten years old in Chicago, Illinois where he would explore creative 4-track tape recording, multi-uses of FX units and abstract recording techniques; all of which inevitably led him to the modern uses of electronics and computer based recording.

After years of dabbling with genres such as ambient, noise, industrial and techno, Andrew found his true calling from influential artists like Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle), whose work made him realize that a recording is not just a two-dimensional space, but rather a whole world that exists in the stereo field.

In 2003, Andrew studied at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. He received further knowledge of world class studios and equipment that is out of reach of many. Elaborating and breaking rules were his key focus to stand out from the crowd of 1000’s of others.

Relocating to Portland, OR in 2010, where he now operates under the moniker DeeperNET, Miles has been perfecting his own sonic signature by blending genres such as downtempo, EDM, psychedelic, and trance into an inspired Psytronica-charged sound – a sound he calls “SpaceTECH.”

A passion for digging behind the menus and exploring new techniques is where the story continues today…