DeeperNET – The Network Review



DeeperNET – The Network

Spotted Peccary Music – 2016

The latest CD from DeeperNET (aka Andrew Miles) is a florid creation of sound, beats and musical imagination.

For some reason  “Cracking the Code” reminded me of the great score for Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run.  Once the stomping beat begins to pulsate it’s hard not to go with the flow.

“Vision Quest” plays like computer geek on a rampage searching for the answer to the world’s biggest tech mystery.  Keyboards lines run amok, while a constant percussive strikes drives the tune towards the ultimate answer.  The dripping keyboard sound is pretty cool an unique.

“Hearts on Fire” felt like was composed by a wicked DJ at some sort of Fashion Show gone mad.  I can picture fashion models struggling to match the dynamic groove of propulsive electronica tinged with darkness.

Hearing the fourth track “Satori” brought a smile to my face because three minutes of it was used in the Martial Arts product infomercial I Directed for Super Punch & Kick Target (click to view the commercial).  It’s carried by a rhythmic engine of thumping drums and slamming keyboard lines whirling and twirling about.

“Mystic Division” blows in like the cool breeze of a tropical ocean, bringing the fragrance of serenity and peace.  The nine and a half minute track definitely has a purpose, but not at the expense of bringing relaxation.  I love the bongo or international sounding drum hitting, which was totally unexpected and fitting at the same time.  I love the way Miles uses the production technique of making the sound swell wide and then he funnels it down to a point.  Very cool approach and displays a musical master at the helm.

I think it would be darn near impossible not to move to the rhythm of “Quadraphilia.”  Drums slap in all sorts of ways, while cymbals slink & hit for the 8-minute duration.  It’s not hard for DeeperNET to catch you in it’s webbing of melodic techno trance.

You better hurry to jump on the audio train that is the title track, “The Network.”   This tune takes off for a nine-and-a-half minute sprint down a sonic pathway of electronic euphoria.   Miles switches things up just for the six-minute mark just to make your journey unforgettable.

“Fabrics of the Subconscious” is a conglomeration of sound design and mixed with expert manipulation of a full arsenal of electronic firepower.  It even ends with 2 minute slow down to ease you off the this wild ride.

What I found particularly interesting about listening to The Network is how fast it seems to zip by.  But the fact is that it’s a 69-minute album that feels half its length.  That’s a real testament to DeeperNET and the talented man named Andrew Miles.