Houssem Turki to Score The Devil’s Five

Houssem Turki

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham talks about his search for the music composer for his film The Devil’s Five, “My goal for finding a Music Composer for The Devil’s Five was to find a talented composer who could create Hollywood level score that was orchestral, epic and percussion based.  Something that sounded way better than would our limited budget could afford.  To exceed our financial limitations and help the film reach the cinematic level that would help us sell the movie in every available market all across the world.

With that in mind, I didn’t limit myself to just where I live in New York.  I put the word out all across the country, which truthfully spread all across the globe.

Within just a couple days I received responses from over 100 composers from all over the world who were interested in scoring my film.  So what I did was scour through all their reels, listened to examples of their stuff and wrote down a grading scale 1-10 (10 being the best) honing in on the ones that struck me the most.  There was a sound I was looking for.  Something that exuded both huge (epic) professional recording ability mixed with emotional feel for conveying the truth of action moments and character.

I wanted The Devil’s Five to have a different score than both Stash and Abandoned.  It’s not to knock those films or the amazing people scoring those movies.  I just that I’m striving for contrast and diversity not just from the films, but the stories I’m telling as a storyteller.  I’m also trying to not to repeat myself and give the viewer three separate distinct tales.

When I received the response from Houssem Turki, who is from Tunisia, I checked out his site and his work.  Right off the bat there was no mistaking his grasp of creating full-blown professional recorded music.  Then his ability to capture both big (https://soundcloud.com/houssem-turki/enemy-invasion) and small intimate moments (https://soundcloud.com/houssem-turki/the-survivor) made indelible impressions on me.  I also loved how he switches gears from dramatic driving music to tender heartfelt sensitivity in the blink of an eye.  His music was exactly what I was looking for.  So after letting him see The Devil’s Five in it’s “Rough Cut” form, he expressed his excitement and agreed to score The Devil’s Five today.

I’m honestly thrilled because I believe that without question Houssem is the right guy to help me achieve my ultimate vision of The Devil’s Five.  When I read the composers who he lists as the most important to his composition like Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, John Williams, James Newton Howard and Hammock I knew we could speak the same language.  Those are not only composers I listen to often myself, but Hammock is hands down on of my five favorite bands period.  To this day, I have never seen another composer list them as an influence and that made Houssem stand out very big in my view.”

When you get a moment, please do yourself a favor and check out Houssem’s website (http://www.houssemturki.ml) and his exceptional music.  I think you’ll agree getting Houssem to score The Devil’s Five was a big victory for the film.


Houssem Turki is a Tunisian composer mostly working in films and videos games as well as producing various genres of music such as epic, hybrid orchestral and ambient.

Many composers have had an important influence over the composition process for him like Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Williams, James Newton Howard, Daniel James, Hammock, Rudy Adrian, etc…

Graduated from the Higher Institut of Music in Tunis, Houssem tends to start his journey as a Composer and Sound Designer, as well as finishing his master degree in music composition next year.

Houssem is essentially a violinist, Pianist and Percussionist.