Patrick Reilly Sound Recordist for Abandoned

Patrick Reilly

Terry is really thrilled to announce that Patrick Reilly has joined the Abandoned production team as the Sound Recordist. Terry says, “I had someone else who was going to do the job, but when they had to drop out of the project, the first person I thought of was Patrick.  I had a really good experience working with him on The Devil’s Five.  I know he’s someone who will go the extra mile to capture killer sound and that’s critical in a suspense film like Abandoned.  I also think when a filmmaker works with talented crew members, that they elevate the work.  I have no doubt that will continue on Abandoned with Patrick’s skill. ”

Sound Recordist/Designer Patrick Reilly carries a big stick on The Devil's Five
Sound Recordist/Designer Patrick Reilly on set of The Devil’s Five

Patrick Reilly is a passionate road and studio tested musician with over 14 years of musical experience. This passion for music led him to explore the art of sound design and field recording; as a music and sound design enthusiast, Pat comprises unique audio creations stemming from a diverse set of tangible, abstract influences and musical genres.