Home Invasion


Home Invasion
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment – 2016

Directed by David Tennant
Writer by Peter Sullivan

Natasha Henstridge
Jason Patric
Scott Adkins

Home Invasion is an excellent produced thriller with first rate production value and some true moments of suspense.

A wealthy woman (Natasha Henstridge) and her stepson (Liam Dickinson) are targeted by a trio of thieves who come to find a safe that neither one of them are aware of, locked inside in their smart home.  The nice twist is that a home security expert (Jason Patric) must help try leading them to safety from afar (the security station) monitoring the house.

The script is well organized with all sorts of things thrown in to foil any help getting to the mother and young boy.  The movie was shot in British Columbia (doubling for the state of Washington) and since I grew up in the Seattle area, I can vouch that the locations look close enough to pass for the evergreen state.

Cinematically the film is a true thriller, where the characters are put in jeopardy with the clock ticking against the outcome.  Things are always held in balance in terms of them possibly getting away or even getting help against the deadly criminals.

Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge (Species, John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars) is underrated in my opinion.  Not only is she sexy and beautiful but she comes across quite naturally as a mother who will do anything to save her son and self from the nasty intruders.  But what’s best about how this film is done is that she is not superhuman with special fighting skills, but rather a regular women who rises to the situation to fight back, almost reluctantly.

Jason Patric

I hadn’t see Jason (Lost Boys) Patric in many years so for me it was nice to see him in a role again.  Scott Adkins made a worthy advisory to go along with his cold-hearted girlfriend in the movie (Kyra Zagorsky).

I definitely encourage you to seek out Home Invasion to get not only entertainment for 90 minutes, but it might you give you a reason to appreciate home security more than ever before.