Jason Paluck to Edit Abandoned

Jason Paluck

The Devil’s Five Visual Effects Artist Jason Paluck (A.K.A. editingninja) will be the Editor of Terry R. Wickham’s upcoming film Abandoned.  Terry says, “Jason did such a marvelous job creating all the visual elements and Editing the Teaser Trailer for The Devil’s Five (which you can view on this website or YouTube) and I love working with him.  We teamed up for the infomercial for Super Punch and Kick Target.  He’s got such a positive attitude that gels with the way I work.  What many people don’t know is that Jason also supplied most of the prop guns used for the production of The Devil’s Five, so he’s a man of many talents.

The truth is Jason was indirectly the catalyst for the story for what would become Abandoned.  He invited me to go see a location, which he was photographing a model at.  While making the trip the story just surfaced so naturally that I told him what was coming to me and explained him that I needed to make another film when one of the original directors left the project.  I told him I wanted to do something that was really short and could be shot quickly, for as little money as possible.  I asked if he wanted to join forces to make the film and he did.


Because this film is our creative partnership, I passed the script by him and even incorporated his feedback on little changes within the screenplay.  We’ve also talked about what we plan to do with color correction to make the movie stronger and give it a more contrast versus the other films I’ve made for Devil’s Five.

Jason is not only going to be responsible how Abandoned comes to together in post, but he’s the one who had a the cool idea for what the video vixen model “Billie Winters” should wear in the important middle sequence of Abandoned and even suggested ideas for the costuming threatening presence that comes into the film.  Also he created the Teaser Poster for Abandoned (above) as well so he’s just the real deal.”