Michelle Rickert to do Production Design and Special Make-Up Effects for Abandoned


Stash/The Devil’s Five/XXistence Teaser Trailer Production Designer Michelle Rickert has agreed to handle both the Production Design and Special Make-Up Effects for the upcoming film Abandoned.

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham says, “I want a very small crew for Abandoned.  My choice comes after leading two large cast/crew productions in Stash & The Devil’s Five segments.  The are many reasons for wanting this simpler approach.  First of all, though I enjoyed making those two movies, I felt like changing things up.  I yearned for something more intimate and so I designed Abandoned to need less help.  More importantly what happens in the story and the location we will be filming demands less people around.  Plus it’s a conscious choice to make the three movies I’ve directed for DEVIL’S FIVE to look and feel different.

I’m thrilled to have Michelle back in such a key role because I trust her and know what’s she cable of.  I don’t want any prima donnas working on this production and she proved she is the opposite of that on the first film we did together, Stash.   I love how she just goes with the flow and is extremely creative when it comes to working with limited funds.   The fact that she can handle the Special Make-Up Effects as well makes her even more valuable and allows one less crew member, which is exactly what I’m looking for.”