Bone Tomahawk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Bone Tomahawk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music by Jeff Herriott & S.Craig Zahler


Lakeshore Records – 2015


I am pretty excited to finally write a new review as a journalist, because since I produced and directed a The Devil’s Five, directed “Again” music video for Veronica Freeman and the infomercial for Super Punch and Kick Target over the summer, I haven’t written one since April.


Strings lead the first track “Four Ride Out”, which has a sullen mood of despair.  Then the score transforms to some dark gritty composition “In The Defile.”  I don’t know what the film is about, having not seen it yet, but if the music is any indication, it’s rife with suspense, which means it’s got my interest.


“Four Ride Out Reprise” brings back the main theme first expressed in this score but this time it sounds more heroic.


High tension strings are responsible for “Dragged Along A Coarse Course”, which sounds like something you’d hear in a good horror movie.


There’s almost the feel of James Newton Howard in “One Man Walks.”  The strings and orchestral accruement reminds me of The Village in particular, with an approach that creates history rich with something significant happening.


The composers create a finality to “Four Dead Men Ride Out.”  The sound of the “The Burdened Quartet” made me think of the classical pop outfit The String Quartet.


“Den Of Boar Tusks” has the strongest atmospheric ambiance of any track on this soundtrack.  I love the subtle deep percussive elements that heighten the already strong tension.


Strings carry deep sorrow as “The Survivors Continue.”


“Four Doomed Men Ride Out” is a western song with a male opera singer taking the lead, with a choir backing him.


Bone Tomahawk is a very different unique score for a movie I’ve heard is a horror film.  With all the repetition I see and hear in movies today, this one stands out for being different.  It certainly seems character based instead of just straight action scoring, which makes me want to see Bone Tomahawk.