XXistence Teaser Trailer Shoot a total success


On Saturday April 25th, the production team behind the Teaser Trailer for the upcoming Television Series XXistence got together to film the promotional video piece.

Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa sets the shot with 1st AC Margaret Sclafani.  Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256

Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa had the team of grips transform the Toys of Hope warehouse into a sort of purgatory.


Make-up Artist Sarah Cruz prepares Alida Lang to play “The Judge.” Costume Designer Angelina Scantlebury can be seen in the distance. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Striking actress Alida Lang was first up as “The Judge.”  The raven haired beauty deliberated her important decision in regards to one man’s fate.  Filmmaker Terry Wickham says, “The camera loves her and she made it look easy.”

Actress Diana Laura who plays “Adriana” goes over the scene with Director Terry R. Wickham. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256

Diana Laura, who originated from Puerto Rico and has worked with the likes of Michael Bay, was next.  The actress carried considerable dramatic weight and proved she is every bit as good as advertised.  “In some ways, Diana probably had the most difficult scene to play  of the entire day.  I know it wasn’t easy to emotionally reach the place she had to go, but Diana did it with dignity and dramatic grace.”

Paola Tonini and Emilio Rosa prepare to go to battle as defense lawyers. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Writer/Producer/Creator of XXistence Emilio Rosa teamed up with Italian belle Paola Tonini to battle their own points of view in regards to their case as defense lawyers.  Wickham says, “These two made nice combustible mix that translated on the screen and made it fun for all of us to listen to them go at it.”

Frankie Ramos is the alleged serial killer “Xavier Fernandez.” Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256

Frankie Ramos playing an accused serial killer, got his hands more than bloody for his scene.  Terry says, “Frankie’s scene a bit tricky and I really admired the choices he made.”



Detectives Richard Kern & Dara Joy mourn the bodies of 4 poor souls.  Photos Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Executive Producer Richard Kern partnered up with blonde actress Dara Joy, as Detectives dealing a row of dead bodies.  The director says, “I could see a chemistry between the two actors that will enable them to play off one another when we shoot the show later this year.”


Chucky D’Omodio really got down to business as the prosecuting attorney.  Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Chucky D’Omodio came in and grounded his performance as the prosecuting attorney in a way everyone will totally believe in the affable actor/TV personality.  Terry says, “I like how Chucky didn’t go for a showy route, but rather doing little things that equate to the bigger picture.”

Young actor Jesse Ray Sheps in make-up by Sarah Cruz. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Young actor Jesse Ray Sheps was the last thespian to go before the camera and he didn’t disappoint.  Wickham, “Jesse is just a natural in front of the camera and doesn’t over think anything.”

Toys of Hope Founder Melissa Doktofsky , Director Terry Wickham, actress Alida Lang and actor/Executive Producer Richard Kern. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


A huge bit of gratitude to goes to Melissa Doktofsky & Toys of Hope for their big-hearted use of their location for an entire shooting day.  Not only did they let us use their facility, but never once complained about the long hours it took to do the trailer.  In fact on the contrary, they seemed to enjoy it as much of the rest of us on the production.  A million thanks for showing us such warmth and kindness.