Eclipse – Armageddonize


Eclipse – Armageddonize

Frontiers Records – 2015

This band from Sweden have boosted their sound on the second album I’ve heard from them, with a more meaty guitar approach.  The heavier sounding tactic makes for an excellent melodic hard rock experience.

Eclipse kicks the disc off with energetic guitar riffs in “I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry” and Erik Martensson’s clean vocals.  The band is big on harmony with catchy tunes  “Stand on Your Feet” and “The Storm”,  I wouldn’t be surprised if you started singing along with them because I did.

I love the soulful guitar shredding beginning of “Blood Enemies” but the only problem is, I wish it would have been longer.  Erik Martensson who not only sings but plays guitar, does a magnificent job tag teaming with guitarist Magnus Henriksson as the duo tear some killer licks on the six-string instrument.

The riff in “Wide Open” carries strength and powers the track.  The chorus really soars in the fifth tune.

My favorite track on this album is “Live Like I’m Dying.”  It’s got a dark, moody opening that combs a deep passionate musical feel that teeters from gut wrenching pain to aggressive anger, exemplified by huge power chords.

“Breakdown” reminds me of Tesla, maybe because of the slide guitar incorporated.

“Live Bites” is an absolute lethal tune with pulverizing guitars sinking their teeth into you.  These guys can really rock it and I love when they don’t hold back or lift the throttle.  My advice is to keep pressing it to the floor, because awesome tunes like this result.

I love the big punchy guitar riffs in “Caught Up in the Rush” and how the lyrical flow works in conjunction.  I couldn’t help but get charged by the song.  Eclipse has a good hold on how the lyrics can be lifted with the right amount of instrumental support from the guitars, bass and drums.  Bravo.

The chunky guitars that tear it up in “One Life – My Life” were definitely to my liking.

The band doesn’t lighten up their guitar power for the last track “All Died Young”, which is a smart move.

Armageddonize is the best album I’ve heard at this point (late April) of 2015.