Hammock – The Sleepover Series, Volume Two


Hammock – The Sleepover Series, Volume Two

Hammock Music – 2014

Like clouds drifting across an autumn sky, deep healing atmosphere of “Locating Silence” slowly moves into the audio space with the purpose to put you at ease.  Whether to relax or inspire, the truth is that Hammock wants to create wondrous composition to calm your life.

The way the darkness of “No Trace…No Shadow” is highlighted with light is powerfully moving.  It puts a charge into your consciousness and stimulates the mind.

The band seems to have an answer for releasing your worries with “A Secret Hiding in the Open.”  The way the music plays, it suggests that we shouldn’t let the little things in life eat away at our happiness.  This isn’t spoken through words but rather the way in which the sound conveys emotion through simple melody.

The musical color of “Belonging / Becoming” clearly represents a soul yearning for internal satisfaction.  Throughout the near 10-minute piece, it feels as though it’s a struggle to attain, but worth it if successful.

Higher pitched drone brings “Original Light” to it’s 8 ½ minute duration.

Murky ambience projects an overcast sky in “A Sunlit Absence.”  There is a wide-sweeping quality to “Ausculta” that acts like a cleaning tool for your spiritual well being.

“The Empty Valley Received” runs 10-minutes and is thick with an aura of that is palpable.  There’s almost a sensation of something being delivered from one side to another during “From Silence into Silence.”

I found Marc Byrd’s linear notes about how he has suffered from insomnia and ongoing depression for many years fascinating, because with this project, he’s able to use his hardship to create something (this music) to help others.  Throw on top of that, while constructing this album, Byrd had to have neck surgery to correct pain he felt coming from his mid and lower neck.  While he was recovering he yearned for peace and stillness.  Through his plight, he was able to channel his misfortune into The Sleepover Series, Volume Two.

This second installment in Hammock’s experimental sleep music project is undoubtedly a success in terms of what the band wanted to accomplish.  They aimed to put you in a state of comfort,  that could influence listeners to fall into slumber while listening to it.  Now I haven’t tried to actually try to physically do this, but listening to over and over has convinced me it would happen if I tried.