S   A   S   Q   U   A   T   C   H

 Written by Terry R. Wickham

Terry R. Wickham’s screenplay Sasquatch contains many autobiographical moments and is the closest script he’s written mirroring a period of his life.

The story is focused on a 13-year old boy Trevor Williams, whose large family lives in a housing development, north of Seattle, Washington.

Because Trevor’s dad works the graveyard shift each night, Trevor waits up for him and spends time watching what’s on Television at that late hour, horror movies.  This helps the young teenager to develop a love for scary movies.

The problem is that these fright films have an effect of scaring Trevor, especially in moments when he’s alone in the dark.  Trevor’s dad notices this, saying maybe they should stop watching spooky movies, because as the oldest of six kids, Trevor needs to become the man of the house when his dad is not home.

The rural housing development the family lives in is surrounded by a considerable acreage of woods.  It doesn’t help when reports come in of sightings of a large hairy, apelike creature known as Bigfoot, one of accounts coming from the next door neighbor.

As Trevor goes about his daily life at school, he immerses his attention on making a fanzine dedicated to horror movies, forced to confront a bully and he gets his first crush on a girl named Julie.

One beautiful summer night, Trevor camps out in the woods with his friend Phil.  What begins as a night of innocent fun roasting hotdogs & marsh mellows on a campfire turns to hair-raising fear, when they come in contact with large human-like biped known as Sasquatch.

Like Stand By Me, Sasquatch is written as a coming of age story set in a wondrous action/adventure environment like Jurassic Park with the payoff terror of Jaws.   The characters are intimately personal because they are based on real people.  The visionary action is rooted in something that actually happened in the summer of 1979 with Terry, his family and a couple friends that to this day cannot be fully explained.

Terry knows that Sasquatch is special and is a cinematic goldmine waiting to happen.  People have already wanted to option the script but Terry says, “There’s no filmmaker in the world who could bring it to the screen like me.  I lived a lot of it and because it’s so close to my own life, I  will not let anyone make it but me.”