Anomaly (Script)

Written by Terry R. Wickham

Anomaly Teaser Poster

A paranormal research team of three men investigates a remote location long rumored to be haunted.

They vanish without a trace.

A female police officer investigating the case befriends three women connected with the missing men. Together they search for answers surrounding the researchers’ frightening disappearance.

A force beyond anything they could ever imagine enters their lives to prevent them from learning the truth.

Each of their destinies is forever altered following a series of terrifying encounters with the unknown. In the end, they must test the bands of their friendship and survive the night in one final showdown with the malevolent beings intent on their destruction.

The initial spark of what would become Anomaly happened on the set of Hair of the Dog.  Writer/Producer Tim Clark asked me if I had heard about the band that disappeared from City Island in the Bronx, when they took a boat across the water to Potter’s Field.  I hadn’t so Tim told me the story and said he wanted to write a script around the premise.

Then on that same HOTD shoot, actor/12 Days of Terror author Richard G. Fernicola mentioned that a great place to base the purposed story idea would be at Sandy Hook, NJ.

This immediately clicked with Terry and originally he was going to write the script with Tim.  But as things kind of moved at a slow pace, Terry decided to write the script himself.  Terry agreed not to use any of Tim’s ideas involving a band going to an island and disappearing.

Terry adds, “So after speaking to my wife Paula, I she suggested making the guys a paranormal team and that was perfect.  I was off an running completing the script a month or so later.”

Terry says, “When I wrote Anomaly, it was shortly after we had bought our house.  At the time we didn’t have curtains in our computer room.  So I would write late each night facing the darkness looming out the windows, while listening to scary music.  I tried to get myself in a state where I could visualize things that would spook me, so I could translate that feeling to the page.  I must have listened to The Mothman Prophecies score at least 1,000 times while writing Anomaly.”