War Machine

W A R    M A C H I N E
Written by Terry R. Wickham

War Machine was Terry’s first attempt at writing a cinematic story that he aimed to be made as a future movie.  Terry wrote the story while in high school and received some input from his lifelong friend Andrew Krepela.

The science fiction/action story concerns a highly skilled team of ruthless vigilante type anti-heroes, each possessing different abilities to be dropped by helicopter into crime-ravaged part of the country in attempt to clean it up.

Terry says, “There’s no doubt I was influenced by John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, Mad Max and The Road Warrior  Andrew Krepela and I were reading a cool comic book called Vigilante and comic book mastermind Frank Miller’s work as well.  In truth, I was getting frustrated reading about the ineffectiveness of the justice system on a worldwide scale and I guess this was my mind’s way of correcting it.”

There’s some big-time action scenes and extreme violence all written with anamorphic wide-screen flair that hopefully will one day see the light of the cinema.