Perishing Hearts (Script)

Written by Terry R. Wickham

Perishing Hearts is a richly atmospheric, slightly gothic story of a young dark-haired woman named Pamela Vanderhaven, who despite being filthy rich, has become tired with life and tries o kill herself because of it.

Unbeknownst to her, a handsome man named Andrew Winston happens to stumble upon Pamela when she’s doing this, saving her life in the process.

This leads to an unlikely romance that blossoms.

Then Pamela finds out that Andrew Winston is in fact dead.  Not a vampire or zombie, but rather something fueled by a mysterious dark power that enables Andrew to be man of her dreams.  Pamela becomes infatuated to join him in death but do so she must go through a ghastly ritual.

This leads the two lovers into the mysterious swamps of New Orleans, to interact with an enigmatic brilliant scientist named Dr. Alexander Parral.   But sustain all the pleasures the power gives, one must act out feeding it in a way too horrifying to imagine. 

Also there’s another woman, blonde bombshell Cory Stone, who’s been in a relationship with Andrew and is not about to give him up.  Cory will stop at nothing to please Andrew and keep their love alive.