Shane Morris & Mystified – Evolution


Shane Morris & Mystified – Evolution

Spotted Peccary Music – 2014


As the third and final chapter in the “Inspired Evolution” series, this entry tells the story of the final dominant species on the planet, human beings.

Shane Morris & Mystified (Thomas Park) have purposely designed the sound of Evolution to reflect it’s place within the audio trilogy.  Since it is about Homo sapiens, the artists have created a soundscape that mostly synthetic.

“Fire Gathering” contains a mix of high-low sound elements, driven by a clacking wood instrument.  The 11-minute piece does successfully create a vision of early man struggling against nature for survival.  Big drum hits insinuate the threat of predators both animal and from the hostile environment.

You can hear the “Growth into New Territory”, as man branches out using brainpower to construct tools, hunt, gather food and develop shelter from the ecosystem.  Clicking sounds and soft percussion increase tempo to dramatize this development.

There’s purposeful build to ‘Waiting for the Storm to Pass.”  The composers use all 13-minutes to tell this part of the story.  Because the cue has a repetitive, hypnotic approach, when something different happens around 8-minutes, you really feel it.

The guys stir things up in “Hunting in the Hills.”  Sustained metallic sound sustains the tension of the song’s meaning.  Deep drone ambience swirls underneath to make you feel the seriousness of what transpires.  For over 12-minutes, you are never certain of the outcome and the music encourages using your mind to visualize what happens.  Half way through things change and the track goes in a different direction, which only heightens the drama.  To be honest this music would fit perfectly in a movie.

The last track “The Trails of Evolved Man” is the busiest on the album as man goes to work building life towards what it would eventually become today.