Evil Streets



“Where Every Road leads to Terror.”

Back in 1996 Guitarist/Author Michael Knight asked Terry if he would be interested in directing a short film based on a short story he wrote called “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett.”  Two years prior, Terry had directed a music video for Michael’s song “The Phoenix” off his album called Dreamscapes.

After reading Mike’s story Terry was immediately drawn to the tone and atmosphere Michael had created on page and agreed to make the movie.  They crafted the screenplay together and then shortly after, or maybe even before (hard to remember which), Michael had suggested tagging the film together with two other short films to make a feature film called Evil Streets.

Knight’s idea was that there was evil on the streets of the city and we could represent it with three films of this ilk.  Michael asked Terry if he had a story that could be used and if he had a filmmaking friend who could contribute a third story as well.

Terry, SaRenna Lee & Michael Knight celebrate after Evil Streets Premiere
Terry, SaRenna Lee & Michael Knight celebrate after Evil Streets Premiere

Wickham had wanted to work with big-bust superstar SaRenna Lee on a feature film called Perishing Hearts.  Terry says, “I had been in contact with big-breast entertainer SaRenna Lee about her playing the role of “Cory Stone” for the film I hoped to make called Perishing Hearts.  I visualized casting a slim, ultra-stacked actress and after seeing SaRenna in the pages of Score Magazine, she was exactly what I was looking for.”

"Misty" (SaRenna Lee) rules the stage @ Goldfingers during "Stalk"
“Misty” (SaRenna Lee) rules the stage @ Goldfingers during “Stalk”

“So when Mike offered a chance to create another segment for Evil Streets, it presented the opportunity to work with SaRenna and see if she could pull off a film role.  I called her and told her I had the idea of writing a story called “Stalk“, which was about something she already knew how to do, exotic dancing.  I explained that it would be a good way to ease her into film acting and we would see how we worked together as a team.   I made it clear to SaRenna I wouldn’t write one word without her coming onboard, because she was the only person I’d make this movie with.  SaRenna loved the idea and agreed to do the film.”


“To be honest with you I was really lucky to get someone as special as SaRenna.  Not only does the camera love her, but she totally supported the movie and did everything I asked in making the movie.  She should have honestly been credited as one of the producers, because she took it upon herself to fly to New York multiple times for not only the production but to help market the film as well.  Because of her commitment and sweet southern charm, I will be forever grateful.”

SaRenna Lee and Terry had a good creative partnership on "Stalk"
SaRenna Lee and Terry had a good creative partnership on “Stalk”

The third film came from Terry’s friend Joseph F. Parda.  Terry says, “Back in the early 90s, before DVD, I would rent and buy tons of films on Laserdisc.  Joe Parda was one of the managers at Laserland in Carle Place, New York (the store I frequented).  Over time we would talk about our film projects and films as a whole.  This blossomed into a mutual respect and Joe was the natural choice for me to approach about doing the third film needed for Evil Streets.  Joe would go on to work with Producer/Actor Joe Zaso and Indie Horror Darling Tina Krause to create the David Lynch-like episode “Szamota’s Mistress.”

Please click on photo gallery of almost 40 photos chronicling the making of “Stalk”, it’s Premiere at the Malverne Cinema 4 Theatre and our appearance at the 1998 Chiller Theatre Convention, where SaRenna Lee and other Evil Streets talent presented the movie to the buying public.  There’s even a link where you can watch us interviewed for Zenbocks Forte’ cable television show.  We come in 15 minutes into the show and run to the end.