Sunset Mob – Under My Skin


Sunset Mob – Under My Skin


This 4-song EP really shows the breadth of talent this South America band has.  Sunset Mob  is a hard rocking group that projects a sound something between Dokken, Tyketto and Journey.

“Delusions” is the first track and it’s obvious that melody is this band’s biggest asset.  They attain it both from Pablo Pereira’s lead vocals and Andre Cunha’s lead & rhythm guitars.  Pereira’s voice is really interesting because you can hear the accent of his native country.  Cunha’s lead guitar work is fast and clean.

The title track is a comfortable melodic rocker.  These guys definitely put the songs first because of the way they construct their composition with the harmonious chorus and hook.  It’s easy to like the tunes because of this.  Cunha’s soloing in this second song reminds me of a cross between George Lynch and Kee Marcello.

“Sail Away” is a slow-down ballad allowing Pablo Pereira to shine on vocals.  I do really enjoy the clean guitar rhythm that adds to the song’s sensitivity.  The down tempo and quieter instrumentation really allows you to hear Andre Cunha’s passionate guitar.

“I’ll Be Waiting” is a Journeyesque number with Pereira creating backing vocals that totally remind me of Steve Perry and the band by the bay.

Hailing from São Paulo – Brazil, I’d love to hear a full-length album from this band because of the musical talent they have on display on this EP.  Check them out on their website or Facebook page to learn more.