Rudy Adrian – Atmospheres


Rudy Adrian – Atmospheres

Spotted Peccary Music – 2014

There is a real organic feel to Atmospheres.  The album is firmly rooted to the earth, which is not surprising when you read Rudy Adrian’s linear notes.  He says he created the music on this album to evoke the quiet open space that can still be found in south New Zealand.

The wide-openness of “Apple Tree Bay” projects a calming effect while listening to it.  There’s natural ambience that doesn’t feel forced or false.  It’s almost like Rudy Adrian tapped-in with nature to record its musical voice.

The title track “Atmospheres” is lush with dreamy atmosphere.

The composition rolls and gently splashes like waves in “Willow Bank.”

Many times with ambient music, the difference between songs can be so small that it takes a bit of focus to tell the difference.  Such is the case with “Blue Horizon.  This cue isn’t terribly different than “Willow Bank” but it does move slower drifting into the endless sky above.

Rudy Adrian takes us carefully “Through a Cave Into Another World.”  The musical notes gently push forward, exploring the subterranean structure that leads to an entirely different place on the other side.

“Amber Skies” is so peaceful and makes you feel so relaxed, that it could induce sleep.

“Beyond Silver River” is one of the two tracks Adrian dedicates to his father.  This one has a deep emotional heart and glows with a life-force of sorts.

The last track “Dreams of SubAntarctica” is a re-release from the 1990s and runs over 11-minutes.