DeeperNET – ImpØssible Landscape


DeeperNET – ImpØssible Landscape

Spotted Peccary Music – 2014

The latest album from DeeperNET is absolutely invigorating.  From the start, “Aether,” I was jazzed with life-affirming work that is creative, innovative and inspirational.  I love the patterns and skipping percussion that spark this opening tune.

All sorts of electronic sounds surround “Fractal Dimension” with light.

It was cool hearing female vocalist Zefora add her voice to the melody of “Fluid in Blue.”

Andrew Miles (a.k.a. DeeperNET) comes up with some beautiful rhythmic structure in “Movements.”  Hypnotic keyboard lines twirl and spin around slapping percussion to make for fun seven and a half minutes.  The deep synthesized notes that rise up and blare out in almost low brass fashion is unusual and in a way reminds me of something John Carpenter would do for a film.  The way the keyboard line spirals up like the vortex of a tornado about three and a half minutes in, is awesome.

There’s something about “Illuminated by Ultraviolet” that makes it feel Asian.  The soundscape is pretty vast with all sorts of little flourishes that make it interesting to experience.

I enjoyed how the dark notes of “Thought Drop” slowly move in purposeful manner.  It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces on this CD.

The little sparkling notes in “Astral Body” sound like a computer that’s gone haywire and could explode. Miles really manipulates the sound in the ninth track by chopping, looping, repeating and having the music give the sensation of an outer body experience.

Deeper NET saves the longest track for last.  “Quantum Teleportation” is 10-minutes long and features glacial swells of ambience, stomping drums and wraps this offering as nothing but a good time.