Jacob – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music by Iain Kelso

Howling Wolf Records – 2014

Running just over 68 minutes Jacob is a very ambitious score featuring a wonderful approach to film scoring.  It’s classical based with composition utilizing viola, French horn and violin cello.

What I really like is that it utilizes strings more than the usual metallic electronic hit scoring we have heard far too much over the past decade.  The strings bring classiness to the score and make it more understated as well.

Kelso does kick things up a bit when he does integrate big clanging hits during “Edith Remembers the Renovations” but this common approach has impact because it’s not overused.

The longest piece on this soundtrack is “The Death of Lawrence Kell” running over six-minutes.  It has a compositional element of true crime.  There’s something about it that makes it seem realistic and focused on the sadness or sorrow of being human.

The scoring for this movie is mature and not flashy.  I haven’t seen the film yet but the music seems to be underscoring beautifully.  In some ways this soundtrack reminds me of the family aspect of Brian Tyler’s score for Frailty.  That’s a pretty big compliment in my movie music book.