The Devil Incarnate


The Devil Incarnate

Image Entertainment – 2014

Directed by L. Gustavo Cooper

Screenplay by Jon Bosworth and L. Gustavo Cooper

Rod Luzzi
Graci Carli
Emily Rogers

Newlyweds Trevor (Rod Luzzi) and Holly (Graci Carli) take their honeymoon in Florida, kind of driving around to see what fun life will bring them.  On a chance stop at a tarot card reader, the nutty old woman informs them that Holly is pregnant.  Shortly after, Holly starts acting bizarre, her behavior seemingly influenced by the abomination inside her body.  Trevor does everything he can to protect her and find out answers to what’s going on with his wife, but unfortunately a wicked demon has other plans.


This all sounds good, especially when you factor in a cool DVD cover and even the movie’s title.

Unfortunately the film doesn’t live up to expectations.  The script is poorly written with predictable characters and situations you can figure out way before you see the outcome.  Maybe worse is the way the story is chopped up having scenes end mid-sentence, like the exorcism to rid Holly of her Devil baby.  This approach comes across as either poor editing or hair brained screenwriting (it could actually be both).  I know that many audience members today lack patience but cutting scenes in the middle when action is happening repeatedly, not only doesn’t make sense, it’s laughable.

Another thing that mars this film is how the on screen characters have no realistic reaction to what is happening.  Something transpires that that would definitely prompt a response and there’s no response to the situation.  After a while you just lose interest in the story and that’s a very bad thing.

I had to be the bearer of bad news, especially for a horror film near Halloween but I feel the responsibility to tell you the truth.