A Haunting At Preston Castle


A Haunting At Preston Castle

Inception Media Group LLC – 2014

Directed by Martin Rosenberg

Written by Peter Bailey & Martin Rosenberg

Mackenzie Firgens
Heather Tocquigny
Jake White

A young college student Liz (Mackenzie Firgens) returns home on break.  Her best friend Ashley (Heather Tocquigny) convinces her to meet with her ex-boyfriend Danny (Jake White) at an abandoned boys’ correctional institute with a sordid past.  As the night sets, the three teens explore the maze of hallways and rooms only to come face to face with the reality of what still lurks there.


Supposedly inspired by true evens (we all know that’s a marketing ploy by now) A Haunting at Preston Castle has all the right intentions.  The northern California location, which has been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, is a large dilapidated structure that does give the film production value.


Story wise, we’ve seen it all before and the movie is hurt by not having the characters react naturally.  For example, when Ashley goes up a floor above to let Liz and Danny get reacquainted, she ends up getting spooked and pursued by a ghostly apparition.  When Ashley finds a hole in the floor above the two lovers, she doesn’t even mention what she saw or is feeling and when she goes missing the friends don’t make any attempt to yell up through the opening in the floor to find her.  Instead all the characters creep around the premises in circles going nowhere.  Worse, Danny is suppose to know the Castle’s layout, yet can’t find a way out.

Filmmakers repeatedly make the mistake of think digital work can replace practical work in a horror film and that’s almost always a kiss of death.  The hokey spirit of a deceased boy just looked phony and I always didn’t like the loud monster-like roar….come on it was a human boy.

A Haunting at Preston Castle is along the lines of Greystone Park and countless other abandoned facility ghost movies.  You could do worse when looking for entertainment.  Just don’t expect too much.