“Stash” Shooting Day #6


Saturday October 11th, the re-shoot of Scene 8 “The Scarecrow Scene” & transitional “Stash” pickup shots went fantastic.  After getting a bit of a late start (cast & crew traveled in from Pennsylvania, Long Island and the surrounding New York City area to the upper most northwest tip of Manhattan) we were treated to the best dinner of our entire production.


General Manager Garth Caruso & Service Manager Lizette Lebron from Dinosaur Bar-b-que provided a sensational mix of mouth watering racks of ribs, pulled pork, brisket & chicken slathered in Dinosaur Bar-b-que’s signature sauce.  These tasty meats were adorned with flavorful mac & cheese, BBQ fried rice with BBQ meats, simmered greens, coleslaw and declivous Creole potato salad.  This was the best barbeque I’ve ever had and the cast & crew raved about it.  I have to thank Mr. Caruso & Ms. Lebron with their significant contribution to making our shoot a complete success.

I would make it a mission to visit their Harlem location 700 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027 * (212) 694-1777.  Please visit their website to learn more about their succulent food: http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/bbq-harlem


After having our amazing dinner, everyone went to work.  We first re-shot “The Scarecrow Scene”, which was a major improvement over our first attempt.  Almog Pail was on her game as “Faith Daniels”, in a playful way the scene needed.




Edwin M. Figueroa pulled off a difficult, complex shot that required assistance from the entire small crew.  Edwin did another resourceful lighting job using one generator powered light.



Our Gaffer/AD/Associate Producer Michael Fels gave Edwin the help he needed and hand held the bounce board to properly illuminate Almog at this large creepy tree.



Our Make-up Artist Sarah Cruz made Almog look her best and she even contributed by sliding a light case under the camera to achieve the shot at the tree.

Executive Producer Richard Kern held a powerful flashlight, he’d just purchased for this night, against the reflective board to help give us the extra light we needed on Almog.  Rick also brought his generator to power our light and his presence helped as well.




“The Scarecrow” Production Designer Michelle Rickert had created, finally got it’s due spotlight.  I had Michelle add a small tattered straw hat that gave him the final look, which caused all park goers passing by to get spooked.



 We finished up the night by Edwin & Michael shooting seven transitional shots that the movie had never gotten properly back during main principal photography.  Rick’s high-powered flashlight provided more than enough light to pull of some atmospheric shots that are going to make the movie work.




I can’t forget to thank Inwood Hill Park Manager Daniel Mercado for allowing us to shoot in his picturesque recreation ground again.  The background scenery, including pathway lights proved to boost the overall quality of my film substantially.


The evening gave us all great satisfaction and I’m really happy with the way it all went.  Big thanks to the few who came out to help and a great deal of gratitude for Dinosaur Bar-b-que giving us an unforgettable meal