Cabin Fever: Patient Zero


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Image Entertainment – 2014


Directed by Kaare Andrews

Written by Jake Wade Wall


Ryan Donowho
Brando Eaton
Jillian Murray
Mitch Ryan
Lydia Hearst
Sean Astin

The Latest Cabin Fever film is made with high production values, in an exotic Caribbean location and moves at a pretty fast clip.  It’s hard to not get sucked into its flesh-eating charm, but the second half of the movie takes a great deal of suspension of disbelief.  I will say I was entertained by it.


It’s easy to enjoy looking at fluid aerial photography of the colorful Dominican Republic locations.  Big, fast yachts and sexy women in bikinis didn’t hurt either.


What’s hard to swallow was the story.  Early on the film says there’s a pandemic spreading across the globe, so it doesn’t make much sense to see a group of friends going on the ultimate bachelor party while this happening.  The friends rent a large yacht and take it out to a remote island without a care in the world.

As soon as two of them take a swim in the contaminated water the flesh eating virus is unleashed and the group is forced to scramble for help and their lives.


Sean Astin plays “Patient Zero” who seems to be immune from the disease and is the most interesting character.  Secret medical personnel are housed on the small island in a remote bunker and are holding Patient Zero hostage in a desperate attempt to find a cure to combat the virus.  Astin isn’t cooperative to their prodding him for answers and this leads to some of the film’s best scenes.

Some action is predictable and a bit over the top,  like the two flesh rotting sexy women having a cat-fight, tearing away each others’ good looks and pulverizing each other down to the bone.

I give high marks to Director of Photography Norm Li, C.S.C. for the high-gloss imagery and the cool music score from Kevin Riepl.

Altogether Cabin Fever: Patient Zero wouldn’t be a bad way to spend 90 minutes.