2CELLOS are back with their second album featuring an assortment of tunes ranging from pop to heavy metal and back to classical.

It was surprising Elton John’s vocals in “Oh Well”, because you tend to forget at one time he did rock harder.

The harmonious rhythm of “We Found Love,” made famous by Rihanna, really flows from the two Croatian cellists.

AC/DC staple “Highway To Hell” let’s the guys jam and are joined by guitarist extraordinaire Steve Vai.

The bass line Sting played in “Every Breath You Take” is seamlessly carried out and The Police song is wonderful choice to ease down after the rocking song before it.

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser recreate Muses’ guitar riff for “Supermassive Black Hole” on Cello and use sound effects to rockify their sound.  Glee actress Naya Rivera adds a sexy flirtatious voice that works.

I know 2CELLOS like to rock but I did not expect a rendition of the Racer-X song “Technical Difficulties.”  The fact that these guys appreciate the music of that monstrously talented heavy metal band impressed me big-time.  They’ve taken what guitarist supreme Paul Gilbert and drummer Mark Scott Travis (who’s been in Judas Priest since 1990 Painkiller album) wrote and transformed the high energy into their unique styling.

Coldplay’s “Clocks” sounds wonderful on Cello and having Lang Lang’s dynamic piano featured takes the tune even higher.

Sky Ferreira’s sultry voice sounds great against the sad harmony of “Bang Bang” (first performed by Cher and Nancy Sinatra).

I would be surprised if people didn’t’ get up and move with the instrumental beat of “Voodoo People” (The Prodigy song).  Its percussive nature is infectious.

The Elton John song “Candle In The Wind” almost sounds like an American Heritage song on Cello.

“Orient Express” is an original 2CELLOS track that the guys drew inspiration from m their Balkan roots.  It does have a persistent forward rhythm much like that of a train, which is appropriate since The Orient Express was a legendary train from Paris to Istanbul that passed through the Balkans.

“Il Libro Dell ‘Amore features Zucchero on vocals.  It’s a nice love song that would to would touch any soul.

The longest piece is a soft classical tune called “Benedictus.”  I could easily hear this track played softly in a museum or coffee house.

Steve Hunter adds his soulful guitar to a Bonus Track version of “Every Breath You Take.”  The guys wrap the CD up with “The Book of Love.”   This is a gentle way for the 2CELLOS to ease you out of their second release.