Hunting The Legend


Hunting The Legend

Image Entertainment- 2014


Directed by Justin Steeley



Chris Copeland
Hannah Wallace
Jeff Causey
Justin Steeley
Alex Ballew

Bigfoot has long captured the imagination of the world.  In this story, five years prior to when everything really begins to happen, a deer hunter vanishes in the woods of Alabama, leaving behind only a rifle, bloodstains and an enormous footprint.  Now, the hunter’s son (who was with his dad when he disappeared), Chris, his two best friends and a small documentary film crew set off to find out the truth and hopefully a little payback.

It’s a good set-up to lead us into the swampy woods of the South to hopefully capture evidence of the elusive Sasquatch.  But as slippery as the huge beast is, the filmmakers never quite get a glimpse of the big fella, which is ultimately disappointing.

The movie is done with a video-found footage like approach that works at times and doesn’t at other points.  There was one particular moment the filmmaker could have struck gold, but didn’t take advantage of showing what could have knocked the audiences’ socks off.

The other thing that hurt the movie was the film crew not being actively involved in conversations and other things going on, which just didn’t seem humanely real.  Their participation or in this case lack of, hurt the picture as they could have been used to ramp up suspense and tension.  But the director didn’t think of utilizing them or bypassed them altogether.

Hunting The Legend does have its merits.  You will get to see geographic locations that haven’t been overused (LA & NYC) and the tonal approach seems to take the subject matter seriously.  The DVD picture quality is solid and I give credit to Image Entertainment for giving a little film like this a chance to be seen.