Birth of the Living Dead




Birth of the Living Dead

First Run Features – 2013

Directed by Rob Kuhns



George A. Romero
Gale Anne Hurd
Larry Fessenden
Mark Harris
Elvis Mitchell
Sam Pollard
Jason Zinoman
Bill Hinzman

How colossally cool is this Definitive Look at Night of the Living Dead (NOTLD).  I loved every second of hearing George A. Romero and his cast & crew talk about how they made the ground-breaking independent masterpiece.  What a lot of people don’t know is that these folks included; policemen, iron workers, teachers, ad-men, housewives and a roller-rink owner.  This goes to show you that regular folks like you and me can make a dream like this become reality.  Obviously it takes a great deal of talent, luck, and some breaks along the way but it is possible.

It was equally worth hearing the other filmmakers, critics and other people interviewed for this documentary talk about how NOTLD affected their lives.  Their perspectives really hit home on the impact NOTLD had on the viewing audience when it was first released and the many years it’s played as a midnight movie, on video, laser disc and DVD.

This is no doubt that NOTLD not only revolutionized the independent film landscape but changed the way zombie movies were made FOREVER.  The genre hasn’t been the same since the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Latent Image team put their respective talents and money together to forge this juggernaut of a film.  The difficulties they had at making the movie are legendary.  Director Rob Kuhn puts it all together for 76-minutes of cinema history no one should miss.

This DVD comes with Bonus Materials that include: Extended Interview with George A. Romero (33 minutes) and Bill Hinzman and the World-Record-Breaking Monroeville Zombie Walk (7 minutes).

I would suggest not only trying to see Birth of the Living Dead but would call it essential to own.  I can see viewing it repeatedly over the years to come as not only inspiration for my dreams as a filmmaker, but a horror fan in general.