Make-up Artist Sarah Cruz joins “Stash” Team

Sarah Cruz

Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, Sarah Cruz’s impeccable eye for make-up started just as a teenager. Her inspiration came from several high fashion magazines, runway shows, and celebrity work viewed on television. Sarah’s curiosity with make-up lead to experiment on herself, friends and family members. She soon began to astonish people with her self-taught preciseness, and knack for her art with make-up. She was soon asked by a local clothing designer to do make-up for her fashion shows. This experience, while unpaid and unofficial, arose a reassurance of her dream and desire to one day become a professional make-up artist.

Sarah’s ambition was becoming evident to all. Weeks and months of research lead Sarah to enroll in Make-up Designory in New York City; a highly recognized and respected school of make-up with award winning make-up artists as teachers. Now being a graduate, Cruz has developed a rapport with well-known artists, has worked with personal clients and has done fashion shoots. She currently resides in Pennsylvania but is available for work in NYC, NJ, and PA.

Terry adds, “I’m really happy to have Sarah join our team. ¬†She’s enthusiastic and that’s a hugely important quality as you consider she will be getting my actors ready for the shoots and I want them to feel good before getting in front of the camera.”