Make-up Artist Dylann Stahl joins “Stash”

Dylan Stahl

Dylann Stahl is a NYC/NJ based makeup artist passionate about the film and TV industry. After attending college for a year I realized i had made the wrong decision and came to the conclusion that the only way to be truly happy was to have a career as a makeup artist. After finding the perfect school, I started pursuing my makeup career and am now proficient in editorial and bridal makeup, makeup for film and television, as well as special effects makeup. After working on several independent projects and with the makeup for film taste in my mouth I am excited to see where this career takes me. Terry says, “I think it’s real important to have two make-up artists on the production. Together they can make our actors look the best they can and if one of them can’t make a shoot, we will be covered. Dylann came recommended by my AD/Associate Producer Michael Fels, as he’s worked with her before, so that’s good enough for me.”