Beatrice Sniper to do Special Make-Up Effects for “Stash”

Beatrice Sniper says, “I am a self motivated artist residing in the depths of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan studying Computer Animation & Visual fx. One class is all it took to change my life around, intro to makeup for film. After that, i was hooked and began working alongside my teacher at the time who owns Gotham FX, one of the only FX shops on the east coast. I received the privilege to work on sets such as Walking Dead, Vogue, Nintendo, and many other artists and independent student films. Although i still do Computer Animation (2D and 3D) on my own time, it seems my passion lies right in the FX world. ”  Terry adds, “I’m very thankful to have finally locked in our special make-up effects artist.  It took a few tries until we got the right person.  I really like Beatrice’s passion and if you look at her work, it speaks for itself.  I feel lucky to have her on our film.”