Way of the Wicked


Way of the Wicked

Image Entertainment – 2014

Directed by Kevin Carraway
Written by Matt Kelly



Vinnie Jones
Emily Tennant
Jake Croker
Christian Slater

Way of the Wicked is certainly a watchable DVD that would mildly entertain you if nothing else.

After a series of murders sweeps through a small isolated town, a priest named Father Henry (Christian Slater) goes to a local police detective (Vinnie Jones) with a theory on why the killings are happening.  The two men learn a troubled teen (Jake Croker) with a dark past has recently moved to town and sets his sights on the cop’s pretty young daughter (Emily Tennant). Father Henry, who has secrets of his own, battles together with the cop against a force of evil neither of them could have anticipated.

This movie has a creditable cast and looks pretty good.  The biggest drawback is the pedestrian script that doesn’t bring anything new to the table and is predictable.  I almost anticipated every move and piece of dialogue before it happened, which took a little away from the overall experience.

None of the actors are bad though there really isn’t anyone that stands out. But the Washington State locations look absolutely sensational and made me long for my scenic home state.

This movie needed something to separate it from all the other films out there but unfortunately that doesn’t happen.  Way of the Wicked plays in such a way that it almost comes across like a made for TV movie.

For many of you this won’t be bad as television is by far and away the most popular visual medium.  I was just looking for a little more.