The Godfather Family Album


The Godfather Family Album
Steve Schapiro, Paul Duncan

Taschen – 2013
ISBN: 978-3836548885
600 pages, $39.99


An offer you can’t refuse.  Absolutely.  Why wouldn’t you want this sensational book chronicling the making of probably the most respected trilogy of films ever made?

Like every Taschen book, this handsome lavish hardback is produced with the highest printing quality featuring eye-startling layout.  Photographer Steven Schapiro has gathered hundreds of photos he took while on the sets of all three Godfather movies.

There are not only beautiful stills from each motion picture, but hundreds of behind the scenes shots capturing the revered film series.  These photographs intimately tell the production stories that took place, which will not only give you a better understanding of the movies, but how they were made.

Also included are precious reproduced interviews that took place when the movies where done that include: The Making of The Godfather (from Mario Puzo’s The Godfather Papers & Other Confessions, 1972) Interview with Marlon Brando (Life, 1972) “Al Pacino: An Actor Who Believes in Taking Chances” (Show, 1971) “The Making of The Godfather–Sort of a Home Movie” (NYT, 1971) Retrospective Interviews by Peter Biskind (Premiere, 1997) Coppola and The Godfather (Sight and Sound, 1972) Interview With Al Pacino (Playboy, 1979) Interview with Francis Ford Coppola (Newsweek, 1974) Interview with Francis Ford Coppola (Playboy, 1975) Interview with Francis Ford Coppola (NYT, 1974) “Godfather III” (Life, 1990).

What all the legendary talent says really opened my eyes to how they felt about the movies.  Each person shares their attitude and individual approach, which might surprise you.

The Godfather wasn’t an easy movie to make.  Especially when you factor in that it was not only based on a worldwide Best Selling novel, but the movie studio didn’t want Coppola to direct and they were totally against casting most of the actors chosen in the biggest roles.  This is again proves how little movie studios know about what will make a good film and that visionary directors should get the opportunity to make films their way.

Also shooting the movies where always a battle with the studio because they wanted to play it safe and shoot in a studio environment.  Coppola fought to not compromise and shot in New York, Italy and Lake Tahoe, CA.  We should all be thanking him for not giving in and fulfilling his wide-ranging vision.

What more do I need to say other than get this book.