Primal Fear agrees to use of “Delivering The Black”


George Brianka & I with Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Alex Beyrodt

I am thrilled to announce that last night International heavy metal juggernaut Primal Fear and Frontiers Records agreed to license the band’s song “Delivering The Black” for use in DEVIL’S FIVE.  Bassist Mat Sinner and vocalist Ralf Scheepers were totally onboard with giving us permission to utilize the title track of their latest metal masterpiece, which will play over the end credits of the movie.  Terry says, “When I was reviewing their album back in January, the song jumped out at me as the perfect piece of music to wrap our movie.  It’s almost like they tailor made it for us, with lyrics and musical composition that is dark, powerful and supplies the energy we want.  We are honored and proud to fly Primal Fear’s flag.”