Juta Takahashi – Transcendence



Juta Takahashi –

Lunisolar Records – 2013



Transcendence washed over me like warm, healing water.  There is something liquid-like about the music as it moves forward with the purpose of bringing peace and freedom without disturbance. 

Though the word “Higurashi” is defined as a murder mystery game or “sound novel”, the way this tune plays feels like experiencing something profound, beyond our normal physical level.

The keyboard line that wavers and shimmers throughout “Nirvana Electronique” brings a quality that sounds distinctly Asian.  While listening, it puts you in a state where there is never suffering, desire nor sense of self.  It seems as though you hover above it all observing the cycle of life.

The best description for “Maitri” would be a cross between the sun rinsing on a new day and unconditional friendliness & love.  The cue projects rays of warmth that should touch your heart and soul.

The final song, the title track, runs the longest (all four pieces clock in over sixteen minutes) and is composed to make your mind ponder greatness.  While listening to the song, it’s almost like getting a boost to a higher plane.

Juta Takahashi is reaching to take his music to highest place to lift the spirit and make life a better place.

There’s nobody I know that wouldn’t want to experience that.