Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honor


Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honor

Century Media Records – 2014



I never got the first Adrenaline Mob album, but after hearing this rip-roaring release, I wish I did.

“Mob Is Back” let’s you know this band is here to pulverize your rock-n-roll soul, with searing, ripping guitar, pounding drums and bass.  Russell Allen says it best, “Take me to a knockdown, drag out rock-n-roll show right now!”  The Symphony X vocalist enforces the tune with his aggressive vocal approach.  Mike Orlando’s guitar playing is sensational and reminds me a cross between Ronnie Le Tekrø (TNT) and Joe Satriani protégé Doug Doppler.

Speaking of aggressive singing, it doesn’t get much more hostile with attitude than the way Russell Allen sings “Come on Get Up.”  The lyrics are both inspirational and funny.  It’s really designed to get you off your behind and spark you to fight for what you should accomplish.  The music video displaying the lyrics (YouTube) is pretty cool.  A. J. Pero’s (Twisted Sister) drumming is awesome to go along with John Moyer’s bass under footing.

I really like Orlando’s quick picking rhythm in “Dearly Departed.”  This band is tight and it’s never more evident in the way they support the music surrounding Russell Allen’s voice in this third tune.  It’s definitely four guys unified for one purpose.  This song is catchy and Pero’s drums are fantastic.  The guitar solo section is an amazing alteration between shredding notes; tremolo bar screams and muted quick picking.

“Behind These Eyes” brings balance to this album, giving it a touch of sensitivity.  Orlando plays acoustic guitar to capture the lyrical meaning.  He does blast out his solo, so the fire is still there in his playing.

Adrenaline Mob’s unpretentious style comes right at you in “Let It Go.”  These guys just want to rock you to your foundation and this is one of the tunes that will do the trick.

I dig the lyric references to illegal street machine that the band refers to in “Feel the Adrenaline.”  You could take it as a supped up car or a hot babe.  Either way, I’ll run with the visuals the song creates.  The backing vocals three-quarters in are in the vein of Alice in Chains.  Good choice.

After the subdued opening, the title track “Men of Honor”, hits hard like a jack-hammer to the face.  I like the melody of the chorus as Russell Allen refines his voice versus his pit-pull snarling around it.  Amazing instrumental runs by Orlando, Moyer and Pero.

Russell Allen and the rest of the band make “Crystal Clear” quite lovely.  It’s a romance song and the guys are afraid to show their softer side.  The Flamenco guitar is a great touch.

The Mob brings you back to the task at hand with “House of Lies.”  Allen leads the tune with a voice to match the super-charged music.  Pero’s drumbeat is ferocious and Mike Orlando kills it on guitar.  Cathy and rocking’ is an understatement.

There’s heavy metal crunch to “Judgment Day.”  The boys are almost Metallica-like with heavy riffs and stomping rhythm backing.  Allen takes no prisoners singing, “No one’s going to save you.  Now it’s time to die.”  The quick guitar runs are insanely cool.

The band wraps this album with a somber tune called “Fallin’ to Pieces.”  It’s an acoustic piece with interesting electric guitar skipping behind the main sections. 

Men of Honor is a no-bullshit album designed to rock your core.  Over the course, it might give you a swift kick in the butt with songs like “Come on Get Up”, “Let It Go”, and “Feel the Adrenaline.”  That’s not a bad thing anyway you look at it.

Join the Adrenaline Mob, which is sure to expand with Men of Honor.