Found – Helpling • Jenkins


Found –
Helpling · Jenkins

Spotted Peccary Music – 2013



After listening to Found countless times, I finally figured out the best analogy for the music.  I’ve never attempted to surf in my entire life, but David Helpling and Jon Jenkins create composition that has what I imagine to be a similar sensation as surfing.  Most of these tracks begin softly, as you paddle out into a tranquil ocean.  While you wait for a wave, the music shines down like rays from the sun and makes you feel everything going on in your life at that moment is just fine.

Then you catch a wave and ride it on an emotional journey back to the shoreline.  “The Opening” definitely has this audio-visual connotation.

In “Sun Racer” the two composers rapidly flow their composition to reach the deepest part of your heart.  The finish line is your spiritual core.  Helpling and Jenkins are masters of their audio realm.  They compose gigantic, expansive emotional vistas that paint beautiful pictures.  They want you to feel happiness, calmness and warmth. 

David Helpling’s guitar in “Through and Through” has a delay/echo-effect that will make you think of The Edge from U2.  This guitar is surrounded by dreamy keyboard lines and exotic percussion Jon Jenkins always seems to provide.  There is a sadness that pervades this composition that tugs on your heart strings.

I love the juxtaposition of the words in the title “Almost Never.”  The slow groove the guys establish is cool and allows them to fill the audio space with all sorts of little musical touches.  There are numerous keyboard additions that drift in and out of the track, bringing considerable texture.

“Lost” makes a bold statement from the beginning as drums pound home what must surely be a message of emotional being.

The music in “Through Tears” has all the stellar elements the composers have used on their trilogy of studio albums (Treasure, The Crossing and now Found).

The piano in “Edge of Tomorrow,” reminds me of David Helpling’s earlier album, Sleeping On The Edge Of The World.

The album title track “Found” features a Tangerine Dream influenced sequenced keyboard.  Female vocalist Miriam Stockley adds her ethereal voice over the tune to heighten the song’s spiritual power.

David Helpling and Jon Jenkins give “For The Ages” a sense of completion.  I don’t know yet if this is just for this album or the music collaboration they’ve stretched over three gorgeous ambient studio albums and one live performance, Beyond Words.