Anna Nicole



Anna Nicole
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment – 2014

Directed by Mary Harron
Written by Joe Batteer
John Rice



Agnes Bruckner
Martin Landau
Adam Goldberg
Graham Patrick Martin
Cary Elwes

Anna Nicole is a well made movie about the life story of the blonde bombshell that ascended from a small town in Texas to world-wide stardom.  The movie captures all of the important moments in Anna Nicole Smith’s life from her tumultuous relationship with her mother to the love she had for her son and frustration as a single parent not being able to provide for him like she wanted.  This leads her into the world of exotic dancing, which in turns prompts her to get bigger boobs, which ultimately propels Smith to becoming a Playboy Playmate and global sex symbol. 

Agnes Bruckner is pretty sensational in the role as she nails the highs and low points of the real-life character.  Like her idol Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole climbs the steps of celebrity without the right core foundation to prevent her from slipping into addictive pills and alcohol.

Because of this, Anna Nicole Smith falls as fast as she rose to fame with her television show among other things, hurting her image more than helping it.

Martin Landau has to be one of the greatest actors of all-time.  The man is virtually a chameleon slipping into the character’s he portrays on screen with total conviction.  Here he plays the American business magnate, former university professor, attorney and federal government officer with utter believability.  Landau displays just the right disdain for his money grubbing son E. Pierce Marshall (played by Cary Elwes) and his unconditional love for Anna Nicole Smith.

Adam Goldberg is cast as Anna Nicole’s lawyer Howard K. Stern, who seemed to be looking out for her best interest, even though his idea for the TV show ended up contributing to her downfall.

Graham Patrick Martin is Anna Nicole’s son Danny when he’s older.  The actor’s performance elicits both compassion for his devotion to his mom and sadness for his tragic demise.

Mary Harron does a fine job directing the movie, which a focuses on the actors.

This DVD doesn’t come with any extras, but that’s OK because it’s the movie that really matters.

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