Phil Korz Production Designer & Key Grip for Double Vision

Double Vision Writer/Producer/Director Terry R. Wickham is more than gratified to announce Phil Korz has joined the production team as both the Production Designer and Key Grip for the film.

Wickham says, “I want to keep a small crew on Double Vision because not only is it necessary for budgetary reasons, but I believe it just makes things more manageable and intimate.  I loved the way my small crew worked on my film Abandoned, so I’m mirroring that sort of production approach.

I was supposed to originally work with Phil on Enhanced Interrogation in the summer of 2017, as I cast him as one of the Interrogators and he was going to be a production assistant as well.  Unfortunately he got cast in another movie and Enhanced never went before the camera.

What impressed me then and now is his passion to get involved with the films.  What that tells me is not only is he willing to do the work, but I believe he wants to learn and that is very smart on his part.  He’s getting a filmmaking education while fulfilling these jobs at the same time.

If you look at his IMDB page, he’s not just an actor/comedian.  He’s been a production manager on two films and been a production assistant as well.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing this with goals of being behind-the-scenes in even more demanding capacity going forward.  This doesn’t go unnoticed by me.  I want people who want to work hard towards something and I have a hunch Phil has the desire to do that.

Because we have a small production team, Phil will head our art department as our Production Designer.  Phil will be responsible for gathering/organizing/making sure all props needed for the film are on set.  Then because he’s such a strong/hardworking guy he will be our Key Grip as well and help the camera department.  It’s kind of like Maria Alexandra is handling both Make-Up & Special Make-Up Effects.  I love these wonderful folks willing to handle what’s needed.

I’m truly looking forward to collaborating with Phil and making an excellent standout film together.”

Remember it’s not too late to do your part to help the production and get all the funds needed. Please visit Indiegogo campaign  or you can pledge via Paypal:


The first time Phil Korz took the stage in 2009 he went home Salisbury University’s “Last Comic Standing” winner. Since then he has gone on to TV work appearing in LAW AND ORDER, QUANTICO, and DISAPPEARED among many others. He has regularly appeared onstage with La Strada Ensemble Theater in NOT CURING CANCER, SECOND FLOOR, OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES and RIPPLES OF WATER (as well as its adaptation into a feature film). On film Phil has been seen in THE ACCESSION, DREAM YEARS, MR SECRET AGENT GUY .

Phil also completed his first cross country comedy tour documentary “It’s Just Me” in 2018 filmed by Exploding Head Theory. Since, Phil has shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, George Wallace, Drew Lynch from Americas Got Talent, Nikki Carr from Last Comic Standing, and Bryan Riley from Conan. He was also featured on a live talk show “Late Night with Pascal” on ABC in ST. Louis. Now Phil Korz is an International Touring Comedian as well as actor. He has performed live at Ibreostar Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica as well as a Royal Caribbean Cruise line. Open and honest, with a side of Self Deprecation, his style of storytelling makes his misadventures interesting and endearing. Audiences that have seen Phil in action want you to know this is a show you shouldn’t miss.

Phil Korz “It’s Just Me”

Director Terry R. Wickham prepares for Double Vision

The Devil’s Five/Abandoned/Stash Director Terry R . Wickham is diligently preparing for his forthcoming love story suspense-thriller Double Vision.

Director Terry Wickham shows his cast & crew “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett”, one of the movies that make up Gruesome Threesome, between setups on Gruesome Threesome (aka The Wraparound) filming Astoria, NY.

The Award-winning filmmaker says, “It’s been 14 months since I was on a movie set as a director (Gruesome Threesome in February 2017). On Sunday April 15th I actually started shooting (Wickham is director, cinematographer and editor) a documentary called Knocked-Out (details to be  announced soon), but I don’t qualify that as a narrative film per se because it’s a doc.

Director Terry R. Wickham oversees an important tracking shot for Abandoned

I’ve been working on Double Vision since the fall of 2017. I wrote the script at that time and then pursued the lead actress Dolly Fox. Over the course of the first 4 months so far in 2018, I have been location scouting,  putting together the cast & crew, raising money for the movie, finding songs to support the film, all of which at times just seems just like a bit of a dream.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there’s always a little bit of uncertainty that everything would come together. Especially when funding moves slowly for the project.

Luckily three absolutely wonderful supportive gentlemen really believe in me; BT Baron, David Melanson and John Merolla each made significant contributions towards the funding needed.  All three of them pledged via PayPal, so you will not see their contributions on Indiegogo.  We don’t have the entire amount we truly need, but we are only $1,500 dollars away from reaching it.  If we can get a nice push on our last two weeks of our Indiegogo campaign or if enough folks can contribute via PayPal ( we can reach it.

Double Vision Star Dolly Fox

It was not until Monday April 16th when I   purchased Dolly Fox’s airline tickets, reserved her hotel room and finally secured a location for her character, “Julie’s” house in the movie on Wednesday April 18th, that Double Vision became a reality.

I always have faith and believe that the movies I want to make will happen. But in the case of Double Vision, there was definitely a cloud of doubt hanging over since I had pay for my star to travel in from Europe and put her up in a hotel while staying here on Long Island, which is not inexpensive. Plus add in the other costs to physically make the movie and it’s not difficult to see why the feeling of uncertainty would creep in.”

Double Vision starts filming  two months from today on June 20th on Long Island, New York.

Terry Wickham looks out to the airport runway in Calverton, NY where he directed “The Devil’s Five (aka The Wraparound)”

Wickham says, “The film will be shot over two periods. We will be shooting all scenes involving Dolly Fox from Wednesday June 20th thru Sunday June 24th. Then the production will have two week Hiatus and then wrap up shooting on Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th.”

Terry R. Wickham Directs “Stash” in the woods of Califon, NJ

Wickham will utilize the next 60 days to prepare his production team to create an unforgettable cinematic experience and tell the passionate story of Double Vision. Prep will include actors meeting and rehearsing. Wickham says, “I am actually going to rehearse with Dolly Fox via WhatsApp Saturday April 21st. Plus, I’m finalizing purchasing our liabilty insurance, securing locations, coordinating wardrobe choices, gathering props and much more.”

Wickham is focused on the script and getting his shots while directing the Trailer for Whatever It Takes, January 2017

The Director says, “I really want to focus on making this the most personal film I’ve ever done so far.  Many of my filmmaking friends have told me to keep making movies in the style I like, because they see the best qualities in my most recent work when I do that.

Terry R. Wickham met Dolly Fox at the Premiere of Codename Diablo in NYC November 2017

There is no way I’m doing these films alone.  I’ve got super talented cast & crews and I always acknowledge that.  I believe what they mean is to stay as close as I can to my vision, because that’s when my work ends up being it’s best. A tender love story, a big-bust babe, wicked looking muscle car,  melodic hard rock songs, extremely visual use of camera-putting an emphasis on movement and short depth of field. Strong acting, 3-dimensional characters, focus on creating edge-of-your-seat suspense these are all things that are most important to me and make this a Terry R. Wickham film.”

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1969 Camaro to star in Double Vision

Look at the awesome muscle car Mantaray Pictures LLC has secured for Terry R. Wickham’s upcoming suspense-thriller Double Vision.

The prolific Award-winning filmmaker says, “My Dad, Reid A. Wickham, is an amazing engine builder (he said he has built at least 1,000 engines, which includes NHRA and NASCAR engines), mechanic and drag racer, so I grew up around suped-up cars. My dad told me when I was a young boy, probably 4 years old, I could identify any car that was on the road because I learned from him.

When I wrote Double Vision, I was determined to give the lead male character an old-school hot rod.  I was aiming for a street machine from the late 60s or early 70s.

It took some effort and a little searching before I found this beautiful, mint 1969 black Camaro. The car actually came as a reference from a gentleman at my job named Dominic Errico. The true muscle car belongs to Deminic’s friend Salvatore Miliotto.

I am so excited to get to film this car because I didn’t want to settle for a new muscle-type car. I find they don’t have the character or texture of a wicked ride like Sal’s authentic machine.  I can’t thank him & Dominic enough for allowing us to film his car in just 2 months. His Camaro is absolutely going to be featured as one of the stars of the show.”

Please do you part by selecting a perk on our Indiegogo campaign and help us make a new suspense masterpiece.”