Marjorie Conn to Play “Pam” in Take It Back

Director Terry R. Wickham has chosen New York based Marjorie Conn to play “Pam” in the upcoming film Take It Back.

Wickham says, “I really liked Marjorie’s personality and felt that she’d fit really good with Janice Silver as friends.  There’s a saltiness to her that will give this character texture and that’s something cool for the film.  I wasn’t looking for someone just going through the paces, but rather would invest themselves into the character and Majorie certainly seems up for that challenge.

It should be a lot of fun seeing what she brings to the table on January 21st, when we shoot the trailer in Yonkers.”

Marjorie Conn (Actor/Playwright/Ventriloquist) made her acting debut with the late, greyt Ethyl Eichelberger as his leading man playing Aegisthus to his Klytemnestra with her lover, the late, incomparable Katy Dierlam as Electra. She was given an award by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force for her contributions to theatre in Provincetown. Marjorie is most known for her portrayal of Lizzie Borden (ax murderess) and Lorena Hickok (Eleanor Roosevelt’s lover). These plays are published in LOST LESBIAN LIVES. She founded the Provincetown Fringe Festival in Provincetown, MA in 1994, which relocated to Asbury Park, NJ from 2007 to 2015. Currently she is a full-time New Yorker and living in Hell’s Kitchen with her 7 rescue animals. Recent gigs: God Spelled Backwards, a ventriloquist routine, at Art Slope and Doomocracy presented by Creativetime and Bklyn Army Terminal.


Janice Silver Cast as “Betty” in Take It Back


Director Terry R. Wickham has cast New York Actress Janice Silver for the role of “Betty” for the upcoming  film Take It Back.  Wickham says, “I really liked Janice’s audition.  She was sweet and feisty, which are the qualities we are looking for in this character.  She reminds me in some ways of Hollywood actress Lin Shaye (Insidious, A Nightmare on Elm Street) in the way she carries herself and has such sharp wit.  She’s definitely going to be an positive attribute for the film and I can’t wait to work with her.”

Janice Silver appeared in The Derelict, a movie that was selected for the New York Short Film Festival.  Her diverse roles  include a nun in the feature film Little Sister, a mature prostitute in an Off Broadway production and a prisoner in Orange is the New Black. TV appearances include Pandora’s Box as well as A Crime to Remember for the ID Discovery Channel.  She can be seen in Closure, an upcoming independent film this spring.  Janice occasionally performs at cabarets around Manhattan.  When not acting or singing she enjoys playing the piano.  She lives in NYC with her husband Andy and their 2 Maine Coon cats.

Terry R. Wickham to Direct Take It Back Feature Film

Left to right Actor Anthony Bisciello, Producer/Writer/Actor/Creator Rocco Gioia,  Associate Producer/Actor Nicholas Calhoun, Producer/Writer/Actor/Creator Phil Locastro and Director Terry R. Wickham at the “Read Through” for Take It Back Trailer 1/9/17 at Respect Productions Studio – Astoria, NY.

Mantaray Pictures LLC is joining forces with Respect Productions to make a feature film out of the critically acclaimed TV Show Take It Back.

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham explains, “Last summer (2016) I had a meeting with Rocco Gioia & Phil Locastro, who are the Producer/Writer/Actor/Creator team behind Take It Back.  The meeting went very well as they were looking for a director and we have to thank Co-Producer/Actor Richard Kern, for arranging the get together, since he had worked with both sides.

Producer/Writer/Actor/Creators Rocco Gioia & Phil Locastro in Take It Back TV Episode 1

I’m really looking forward to work with Rocco, Phil and Associate Producer/Actor Nicholas Calhoun.  The reason I say this is because these guys have already proven with the first show  ( that they are committed to producing high quality work.  Not only that, but through all the discussions we’ve had, I’m convinced they will go the distance to get the film out into the world.  In the end, that’s the most important thing for any movie.  To reach the audience.”

First up will be a Trailer for the movie that will be shot on Saturday January 21st at a church in Yonkers.  Wickham elaborates, “They asked me what I thought should be the trailer.  After reading the script for what was supposed to be Episode 2, it was clear to me that the scene in the church stood out as the best in the entire script.

To be honest with you, I don’t like the way trailers are done today.  They are basically all the same.  Carbon copied constructed rhythms, beats, which I detest.  It’s like one guy is editing every single trailer coming out of Hollywood or that everyone is just copying that one guy’s template.

I felt we should go the other way to stand out.  Instead of a bunch of scenes cut together, which would cost both time and money, that we’d better served by doing one strong scene really well.  I also felt we’ve seen too many trailers of guys pointing guns at each other with endless threats.  That’s a cliché and stereotype that’s maybe even expected.  Instead this particular scene has drama, humor and helps develop the interesting characters Rocco & Phil created.”

This forward thinking was also reflected in the “Read Through” for the Trailer that took place on January 9th at Respect Productions Studio in Astoria, NY.  The filmmaker talks candidly about the evening, “Besides going through what we are shooting for the trailer, the other great thing that happened was everyone gave their two cents about the feature film.

I was really impressed with Associate Producer/Actor Nicholas Calhoun and Actor Anthony Bisciello.  These guys clearly get it and care about what this film should be.

In all, each guy had something to say in terms of elements that are important and what is cliched and already done to death.  From this, the script is going to be forged together by Rocco & Phil, incorporating input from that meeting and future pow-wows.  I look at that as a very smart approach, as we all want what’s best for this movie.”

Abandoned DP DIrector of Photographer Adrian Popescu will repeat the role as the cinematographer for Take It Back

Abandoned Director of Photography Adrian Popescu will be shooting the film & trailer for Take It Back.  The filmmaker says, “When I first met Rocco & Phil last summer, I showed them footage from three of the movies I was working on.  When they saw the first shot in a basement of an asylum for Abandoned, which was lit only with flashlights, they were immediately impressed.  They actually said that’s the guy they want to shoot their movie.  I would add that I feel Adrian and I had such a smooth creative working relationship on Abandoned, that it’s imperative that we continue that director-cinematographer partnership.”

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