Abandoned April 2016 Shoot


Make-Up Artist Alexa Branco prepares Aaron Mathias for shoot



Actress Siakie Tetteh is thrilled to be in the starring role





Director Terry R. Wickham (right) goes over the shoot with Aaron Mathias (left)



Alexa Branco works her magic



Production Designer Michelle Rickert (right) lends a hand



Director Wickham (left) goes over what’s next with Production Designer Michelle Rickert (right)




The two stars of Abandoned are having fun





Alexa Branco gets the leads ready for the showstopper of scene



Branco has to make Siakie look her best



A great make-up artist pays attention to detail




The production was lucky to land New York Stylist Grace Obeng, who like Siakie Tetteh is from Ghana, to make the incredible red dress for the Abandoned




Wickham goes over what’s next with his actors




Actress Siakie Tetteh is Breathtaking beautiful in Grace Obeng’s hand made red dress




Tetteh and Mathias can’t help but enjoy shooting the suspense thriller Abandoned




Wickham Directs the opening scene for Abandoned








1st AC Girogio Savona assists DP Adrian Popescu for the movie’s opening




Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly is ready to capture some killer sound


Regina Tune will finish as Make-Up Artist on Abandoned


Regina Tune is an established makeup artist catering to New York and New Jersey area.  She graduated from Robert Fiance Makeup Academy in Perth Amboy,  New Jersey and has been in the industry for over 5 years. In her own words, “My loyal clientele is proof that I truly love what I do. There is nothing more invigorating than making people feel their absolute best, stepping out of their comfort zone creating art.  I found my passion working on set with photography and film.  My area of expertise ranges from Special FX to Beauty makeup.”

Director Terry R. Wickham adds, “I’m really happy Regina wants to finish up Abandoned with us because we need our actors look their best.  The original artist artist couldn’t make the shoot because of vacation, so I feel fortunate we could get someone as passionate about her art as Regina.  Plus she’s going to get a chance to be on screen as well.”

Please check out Regina on IMDB:

Stash Inserts shot in Brooklyn, NY


Left to right Director Terry R. Wickham, Editor/DP Jason Paluck, Actress Almog Pail and Make-Up Artist Sarah Michelle Bedrick in Brooklyn, NY 7/2/16


On Saturday July 2nd, 2016 two Inserts were shot for the movie STASH.  The  shoot went very well in Brooklyn, New York.



Thanks to Almog Pail for such a comfortable location. Big time thanks for the wonderful meal her Fiance Arnon made for us. Delicious!



Great work from Stash Editor Jason Paluck for being the DP on this day and to Sarah Michellee Bedrick for making not only Almog look great, but matching the continuity that the character “Faith Daniels” was in during the terrifying climax of the movie filmed almost 2 years earlier.