Ian Clarkson to play “Video Cameraman” in “Choke”


Producer Terry Wickham has called on “Stash” veteran Ian Clarkson, who served as Best Boy/Key Grip on that film, to play the “Video Cameraman” on “Choke.”

Wickham explains his reasoning, “I wanted someone who physically could handle a camera for the Red Carpet scene and someone who understood how movies like this get made.  When I think back to working with him on “Stash” he absolutely made an impression with his super dedicated hard work approach.  He’s a no non-sense guy who just dove in doing what had to be done.

So it made a lot of sense to me to reach out to him because Ian definitely has the stamina to handle the camera the whole scene and his life experience with production applies to acting as an entertainment visual journalist.  Please he had worked for Edwin as the Best Boy/Key Grip so Edwin could trust him to do the job.”

My Name’s Ian Clarkson a graduate from Susquehanna University, Class of 2013.

Since graduating, I’ve held a number of positions at different production companies in New York and New Jersey, starting with Striped Entertainment in Manhattan. There I developed skills in the distribution and marketing of films. “A great film is nothing without a marketing strategy”. After I was an Associate Producer at Justice For All Productions in Middletown, NY. Working on “Rock Story”, a film with Gilbert Gottfried, Eric Roberts and Joyce DeWitt. Completed in January of 2014.

Soon after I worked shortly as a project coordinator for BLK Neon Productions, shooting a reality show called “Yalla NY”. After I worked as a freelance Production Assistant for AMC Networks, doing On-Air Promotions / Creative Advertisement at Sundance TV. There I assisted in writing and supporting the advertisements of network shows and marathons. From there I became an Executive Assistant at Nickelodeon for the Senior VP of Creative Advertisement and the VP of Movie Advertisement and Corporate Promotions. I coordinated meetings for upcoming promotions and live events while collecting all network material being worked on and approved by network executives, and initiated meetings with new creative management CEO’s for potential future projects.

After working at Nickelodeon I was offered an Associate Producer position at Aspire.tv for a reality show called “The Graduates”. Produced by Al Roker Entertainment.


After being involved with films and TV I’ve realized how long and tedious each step of a production can be. From the development of a story starting with research and scripts, then eventually leading to production. I’ve gone on 18 hour and longer shooting expeditions while enduring some of the most grueling temperatures on the planet. Easy to say I love every moment. The ability to take on new projects with new people while learning from the old is the greatest experience.


Stephanie Almeida chosen as last “Director’s Date” for “Choke”


The final “Director’s Date” has been cast for “Choke” with Stephanie Almeida winning the role.  Producer Terry Wickham explains why he choose the actress to work alongside Chris Sasser, “Stephanie has a lot of positive energy and she clearly wanted to play the part.  She certainly is a pretty woman and matched her date’s description of a brunette with a great smile and expressive eyes.

When people show passion that they want to be in a movie that goes a long ways with me.  Unfortunately I get actors who are hesitant (waiting for something better to come along) or because there’s an absence of money that they seem non-committal.  But I will tell you what.  When money does become available, you can be sure I will be contacting the actors who worked with me during the rougher times and not the ones who didn’t.”


Stephanie Ellen Almeida attended American Heritage Center for the Arts in Florida and decided to move to NYC to continue her studies and pursue a career in television and film. Stephanie has stared in several short films, PSA’s, and stars in the popular web series Neems Themes. She has guest hosted M&N networks Vinny Vella Show and the BonBon Show. Stephanie has also spent a year working production for NBC’s Jerry Springer Show, Maury Show, and Steve Willis Show.


Editing Ninja begins Editing Abandoned


Jason Paluck has begun editing Abandoned.

Writer-Producer-Director Terry R. Wickham talks about watching the first 6 minutes of footage so far on Abandoned, “Jason started putting together the movie from Scene 3 going forward 6 minutes.  What really strikes me about it is how clean, fluid and economical the film plays.


That was the approach that DP Adrian Popescu and I took.  It’s tremendously cinematic and at the same time there’s no wasted shots.

I actually can’t stand watching movies that are all covered the same way.  To me those are directors that don’t know what they want (i.e. don’t have a vision) and try to find their movies in the editing room.  I don’t believe it that clueless approach.

I also didn’t have any extra time or money to squander time shooting unnecessarily, so Abandoned is very precise.

My favorite directors John Carpenter, James Cameron and Michael Mann all bring a super strong vision for what they want and I subscribe to their tactical way of thinking. ”