Don’t Say These Words Writer/Director to appear in Choke



George Brianka on the set of The Devil’s Five segment, as the pimp “Mr. Jingles”


Terry is proud to announce one of his Devil’s Five partners will be joining him as one of the filmmakers seen in Edwin M. Figueroa’s upcoming “Choke.”  The producer explains, “I’ve known George since I’d guess 2008, when the softball team I was playing on got our butts handed to us by the team he was playing on during the regular season.  What I remember is that he was wearing a New York Yankees jersey and crushed home runs against us.  But we ultimately got the last laugh when we met up with his powerhouse team in the Championship 3-game series.  His team won the first game, but then we somehow came back to beat them the next two games to win it all.”

As seen in the picture above, George has already played the role of a pimp named “Mr. Jingles” in The Devil’s Five.  Wickham says, “So I told George he’s going to have to alter his appearance in “Choke”, so he’s not so recognizable.  It’s just going to be cool to be onscreen with one of my Devil’s Five brothers.  Plus it should be a lot of fun to have our other Devil’s Five teammate Edwin direct us. But more importantly, we are doing something help Edwin finish his film, which will bring us closer to getting Devil’s Five out to the world to see.”

George Brianka – Bio

As Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Writer, Director, and Musician, George wears many hats.

George has been in the advertising business for over 15 years and is currently President of Cool Creative LLC, in which he created and launched the award-winning iPhone app, “iPee Address”. It has consistently stayed in the Top 100 Paid Apps in the Apple iTunes Store in the Travel Category and was entered in the 2013 Cannes International Advertising Festival, as well as been featuring on 1010 WINS Radio for App of The Week.

George wrote and directed a horror screenplay based on a satanic ritual murder that actually happened in his hometown of Northport, Long Island.  This short, entitled, “Don’t Say These Words” is part of a larger feature, “Devil’s Five”. It pays homage to Stephen King, Sam Raimi, Takashi Miike and all of George’s favorite horror influences growing up in the 80’s. George also wrote and recorded all the music for his horror short.

George’s sometimes controversial style has got him mentioned in periodicals ranging from Adweek, to the New York Post Page Six editorial column. He was also awarded praise from Tipper Gore for his pubic service work for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign. He was a judge at the 2000/2001 New York Festivals International Advertising Awards for Print Advertising and the International Television & Cinema Advertising Competition, and has won several awards, including Gold at CAMA.  George also plays guitar is a member of NESMA  – The North East Surf Music Alliance. His stage name is Coolcat and he’s HUGE in Japan.

Megan Penn wins role as Director’s date in Choke


Terry R. Wickham, who is helping Produce “Choke” for Edwin M. Figueroa is thrilled to announce his has cast the first Director’s date for the movie.  Wickham says, “When Edwin asked me to appear in his movie with other directors each having a date, I was determined to pinpoint the best looking actresses I could find.  I also made it my goal to try to cast the type of woman each director would prefer, if given the choice.

When I started looking at the actresses that responded to casting posting for the role for my date, Megan Penn stood out right away. But I had to see what she was like in an audition.  This is where she got even better.

Besides being a highly trained actress and with dazzling beauty, Megan was so easy to talk to, humble with a great attitude about the business.  She would have won the role on her appearance alone, but she’s got depth and much more going on than just the surface.
The fact is I wanted a stunning actress who could make an impression.  Megan reminds me of the Hollywood starlets of yesterday like Marilyn Monroe mixed with the mystery of a femme fatale character like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, combined with wisdom beyond her years.  It’s a rare combination that I believe will lead her to something big time.  I actually can see her playing a huge role in one of the movies I’m dying to make in the near future.”
Megan Penn is a Los Angeles Woman with New York blood. She was born in Long Island, New York and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles County. Miss Penn trained in a conservatory program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, privately with Yale trained Gregory Berger Sobeck and at The Actors Collective with Bo Jesse Christopher. Feeling frustrated with the depth and complexity of female roles, she redirected her focus behind the camera, which led Megan to direct, write and star in her first short film Amenonamnia, a silent film about a woman who lives in her mirage-filled mind.  While well trained, but new to the Hollywood scene, old Hollywood glamour runs through Miss Penn’s veins. She is the distant great niece of Academy Award winner Anne Bancroft, who remains her greatest inspiration. Both actors are Strasberg alumni. Fiercely independent, Penn plans to be the kind of woman both in front  of and behind the camera. She will soon be featured in the upcoming notable art book ‘100 Women’ shot by fellow female filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen.

Houssem Turki’s Music Score for The Devil’s Five is complete

Houssem Turki

I just finished watching The Devil’s Five – while Houssem Turki‘s music score played along to it. You couldn’t possibly wipe the big smile from my face. Houssem brilliantly underscores every moment in the film and captured a true hybrid musical feel that blends the horrific bleakness of The Exorcist and the action propulsion of The Terminator. He did this in a way that sounds like a true Hollywood level score that is uniquely his own. I couldn’t be happier with what the talented composer delivered for The Devil’s Five.